A message from Student Disability Services

To Our Students:
Now that you have fully transitioned to online coursework, this is a good time to review the effectiveness of your academic accommodations in this new online learning context.
You are certainly the expert on your own learning needs, preferences and struggles, so please take a few moments to reflect on and evaluate how things are going with your academic accommodations and your ability to access online content.
Are you encountering any difficulties or barriers with educational accessibility? Do you think you may need to modify your accommodations? Are you having trouble finding information and resources about learning and auxiliary aids that may be helpful during these difficult times? Are you experiencing any other specific academic struggles?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s talk. If you are encountering new learning barriers in your courses, we can collaborate with your course instructors to help with modifying academic accommodations for this semester, referring you to additional support services, and suggesting auxiliary aids and tools that may help you improve accessibility.
We are available via email at disabilityservices@ncf.edu and will be happy to meet on Google hangouts, Zoom or phone.
For technology modifications and solutions, contact Angie Fairweather at afairweather@ncf.edu. For peer coaching and study support, contact Anjali Cadena at acadena@ncf.edu. If you do not have academic accommodations in place and would like to apply for them, it is absolutely possible to do so, and we will guide you through the process.
For more information on Student Disability Services, visit ncf.edu/campus-life/student-disability-services.