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Senior Thesis Projects in Music

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project, which is required for graduation. Students tell us that while the thesis project is demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.

Within Music, our students' senior thesis projects range from musicology and theory to original compositions and performances.  Here are some examples of recent thesis projects in Music.

Musicology and Theory

“Genre Vs Individualism: Claude Debussy and the Evolving Parisian Artistic Landscape” by Abigail Carissa Lindo

“A Historical and Algorithmic Study of Schoenberg's Approach to Counterpoint” by Walter Maisel

“To Be Black As You Are: Jimi Hendrix, Ofwgkta, Bob Kaufman, and The Marginalization of Black Cultural Traditions” by Jakilah Mason

“American Hybridity in the Music of George Gershwin” by Brendan Rivers

“Chicks with Picks: An Ethnography of Female Rock Instrumentalists in Tampa, FL” by Adele Fournet

“The Circus Tune Everyone Knows” by Lindsay Benet Crowe

“"Join in a Song with Sweet Accord": Creating Community and Maintaining Harmony among Sacred Harp Singers” by Jessamyn Doan

“Dissonance and the Body in Contextual Atonality: A Phenomenological Analysis” by Brian Oberlander

“Something Borrowed, Something New: Traditions, Cliches, and Symbolism in Igor Stravinsky's Les Noces” by Chelsea Evangeline Famiglio

“Sergei Prokofiev's Modern Interpretation of Sonata Form as Seen in Piano Sonata No. 3, Op. 28” by Margaret Stanny

“The Critique of Sample-Based Music: Creating a Foundation for Understanding” by Eliot Chayt

“The Perception of Meter in Stravinsky's Histoire du Soldat” by Eric K. Napier

“Communicating Protest: The Rhetoric of Violeta, Parra, Social Activist Cantora of the Nueva CanciĆ³n” by Heather Williams

“In the Middle of the Field: Arvo Part and the Pursuit of popularity, Prestige, and Authenticity” by Jeffrey D. Lundy II

“To Blast away the Things that Block Men's Ears': Adorno's Relevance for Contemporary Music” by Thomas W. Patteson

“Technology and Creativity: The Role of Compositional Tools in the Shaping of Music” by Audrey R. Troutt

“Examining Schubert's Piano Sonatas His Innovations and his Conservative Shift to a More Classical Style of Composition” by Sara Wood

“African Music Through a Western Lens” by Allison Fremont

“Perceptual Coherence in the Atonal Music of Arnold Schoenberg” by Erin Hannon


Original Compositions and Performances

“Meaning in Music: A Hybrid Composition/Analysis Project” by Susanna Payne-Passmore

“Beyond The Mash-Up: A Composition Inspired by Configurable Culture” by Caegan Quimby

“Songs of the Mountains, Songs of Resistance: A study of protest music against "King Coal" in Southern Appalachia, historically and today” by Sara Henry

“Mandala Music” by Sara Stovall

“Parallelpiped: Sounds Serious” by Thomas Wheat

“Ain't Nothin' To It But To Do It: Collaboration and Reflexivity in Experimental Performance” by Caitlin McMullen

“Walpurgis Night in Sarasota: For Chamber Ensemble” by Alejandro Castano

“Winterreise: In Study and Performance” by Brandon Evans

“Systematizing intuition: Musical Composition as Process” by Justin Crowell

“Synthesis of Popular and Institutional Music; Original Compositions and Essay” by Silas Durocher

“The Process of Composing "Brass Quintet"” by Kevin James

“Negotiating Voices: Performing Aaron Copland's Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson” by Tara Lee Nixon

“Bario's Sequenza III: An Aesthetics of Otherness” by Amber Vistein

“Le Rythme de la Vie” by Taylor Briggs

“Twinkle': An Original Musical for Children” by Emily M. Payne

“Eight Pieces for Brass Quintet Combining Serial and Minimalist Compositional Techniques” by Michael Ferguson

“Four Colours” by Jason Rosenberg



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