Message from the Chair

Greetings friends and fellow alumnae/i!

The Board of Directors of the New College Alumnae/i Association [NCAA] had its third regular meeting for 2013-2014 on February 15, 2014. The bylaws were amended to add term limits, the role of past-chair was clarified and other changes to maintain consistency with our charter were made.

The NCAA is a permanent committee of New College Foundation, Inc., a direct support organization to New College of Florida. The existing and future mission and purpose of the NCAA is to:

• Promote communication among alumnae/i and between alumnae/i and the College;

• Sponsor programs, activities and events for alumnae/i;

• Advise the President of the College and the President of the Foundation regarding alumnae/i concerns; and

• Leverage and deploy the talent, knowledge, enthusiasm and financial resources of alumnae/i to support New College in carrying out its educational mission.

Do you like what the NCAA is doing? Do you think we need to do things differently? Do you think we are fulfilling our mission in the most effective manner? Applications just closed for this year’s appointment cycle for the Board of Directors. The Statements of Intent from all applicants will be available on line for comment by all alums. We look forward to your comments, helping make certain the board is responsive and hardworking.

When the NCAA moved from elected to appointed directors, we indicated that the change would be assessed at the of the 3 year cycle, which ends this year. Since the move to appointments, the NCAA has continued to engage alums regarding the change and solicit feedback, and we continue to welcome your comments. The Board devoted most of its meeting in February 2013 (during the reunion) to a public forum on the change and will do so again at the reunion in October 2014. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, please submit any questions or statements in advance to

One of our main goals for this year is improved communication. This includes assessing our presence on social media, expanding the Nimbus to reach the broader New College community and using focused email communication. You should have received an expanded Nimbus with a new look and a more interactive electronic version. I thought it looked great! What did you think? As we continue to revamp Nimbus to be more inactive and informative, please let us know your thoughts! Also, to “Go Green” and receive the Nimbus electronically only, please contact

In addition, we remain devoted to increasing our presence in and the activity of our local chapters. We hope to receive updated reports from our various chapters on a regular basis to help keep alums connected. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a chapter volunteer and what areas have active online groups, please visit and Please contact us at to sign up to become a chapter volunteer. We are especially looking for chapter assistance in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Austin.

Are you “True Blue”? New College relies heavily upon private donations to keep our unique character (small student body, low student-teacher ratio, etc.) and needs your help! Your support makes a tremendous impact on New College. New College’s national rankings are one of the metrics considered by the State in awarding funds, and the percentage of alum giving is one of the factors calculated in these rankings. As part of our end of the year giving campaign, on May 6th, New College will participate once again in “The Giving Challenge”. This event provides an opportunity for your donations of $25 or more to be matched, and makes the Foundation eligible for additional grants during the event. However, if you cannot donate $25, you can always donate directly at

As a Novo Collegian, you know how rumors spread and grow within our clan. Recently, you may have heard that New College is engaging in “shadow grading”. Based on just what I have heard, the rumors being spread suggest that New College has abandoned the “narrative evaluations” that provide such vital feedback to students and reflect the interactive dynamic between each individual student and the teacher. That is not the case.

Robert Zamsky, New College Dean of Studies, states that “New College continues to firmly believe in the value of the narrative evaluation system, and there is no shadow-grading system. For some alumni in some fields, however, the lack of a numerical GPA can be an impediment for admissions to advanced degree programs. In support of students and alumni, the office of the provost often provides letters to admissions committees describing the details of the college’s academic program and the principles of narrative evaluation, and attesting to the student’s performance while at the college. Beginning this year, at the direction of the President, this process became somewhat more regularized for students applying to medical school. Students or alumni applying to medical schools can request that the Pre Med Advisory Group review their academic records and provide a letter attesting to that student’s particular academic performance, and ranking them in quartiles, as individual faculty members are routinely asked to do on letters of recommendation.”

While concern for the uniqueness of New College is appreciated, the spreading of rumor and innuendo is not helpful or productive. Whenever you have any question regarding what is going on at New College, please direct your questions to the NCAA or the College directly.

The next meeting of the NCAA is scheduled for May 23, 1014, from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. EASTERN. All board meetings are open to the public. Please contact or call 941-487-4900 for more information about attending a board meeting. The following meeting will be July 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EASTERN.

Finally, SAVE THE DATE for the next reunion!!! Join us October 30th to November 2nd 2014. We have many exciting things planned! Moving the reunion to the fall allows us to combine our events with other campus events, like the Clambake and Halloween PCP with the hope of making your trip back to campus as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. There will be plenty of activities for alums (and future alums) of all ages! This marks the 50th Anniversary of the Charter Class, as well as seminal dates for many other entering years. If you would like to coordinate a gathering for your group or to volunteer, please contact a member of the Special Events Committee (Thomas Knight ’03 [committee chair], Michael Dexter ’07, Gera Peoples ’94, Cindy Hill ’89 and Frazier Carraway ’72) at

As always, if you feel there is any matter the NCAA needs to address, please feel free to contact me or any other board member. A listing of board directors is located at

In service,
Susan “Spozy” Sapoznikoff ‘83


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