Literature Faculty

As a student in Literature at New College, you have access to faculty members who cover the gambit from our language and literature programs, including Classics, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. All hold Ph.D.s from the country's leading research institutions, and all are accomplished teachers, advisors and published authors. They are also expert mentors who are willing to help students with information about graduate school options and careers, and many continue to advise and write recommendations for students long after graduation.

"Our narrative evaluation system means that we know our students well and can write detailed and personalized evaluations several years post graduation," said one faculty member in the AOC. "We even serve as mentors to students whose graduate degrees are in other disciplines, and former students often become our colleagues."

Here is a list of faculty members who teach in our Literature AOC:

Jing Zhang
Aijun Zhu

David Rohrbacher
Carl Shaw

Andrea Dimino
Nova Myhill
Miriam Wallace
Robert Zamsky

Amy Reid
Jocelyn Van Tuyl

Glenn Cuomo
Wendy Sutherland

Alina Wyman

José Alberto Portugal
Sonia N. Labrador-Rodríguez


According to the Washington Post, New College has more Fulbright Scholars per capita in recent years than Harvard, Stanford or Yale. (2010)

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