Like a challenge? So do we.

New College students come with outstanding academic profiles and wide-ranging interests and experiences, but, most of all, they like to be challenged. Most classes are small seminars or include hands-on group work, especially the advanced ones. Yes, there are some introductory classes at New College, but even if you’ve done IB or college-level work before, we think you’ll be surprised at how challenging our intros are and how fast you’ll be advancing. You won’t be lost in the crowd in a huge lecture hall or working from your dorm room virtually. Instead you’ll be speaking up, making yourself heard, and getting to know other smart students and your professors from the very first semester.

And by the time you’re in your last year, you’ll be researching and developing your very own senior thesis project — an intensive capstone that shows what you can do now that you couldn’t have done when you entered college.

Finally, your senior project is showcased in a baccalaureate examination near the end of your final semester. Three or four faculty, including your thesis sponsor, will examine your work with you, focusing especially on your thesis project. It’s a final chance to talk about your project, what you’ve accomplished, what you might have done differently, or what work might still need to be done if the project is to have a future life. The focus is all on you and your work — and you’ll walk away with a real sense of achievement and something tangible to show for it.

New College theses have a permanent life in our thesis room and in the library’s Thesis Database, where you can see what kinds of projects New College graduates have produced beginning in the 1960s.