Please use this form to request a carrel for the Fall 2019 semester.

Jane Bancroft Cook Library Student Carrel Acceptable Use Policy

If I do not comply with all aspects of this policy and all applicable laws and institutional policies, I understand that I will lose my carrel privileges, in addition to other applicable consequences:

  • I am responsible for personal items left in my carrel and will not leave valuables, such as computers, phones, wallets, or personally significant items unattended in my carrel.
  • I will not have items in my carrel that may create a safety hazard or set up and use items in a way that may create a safety hazard to library users or staff. I understand that library staff will determine whether a safety hazard exists and that such items will be removed from my carrel.
  • I will keep my carrel in clean, sanitary condition, as determined by library and/or NCF staff.
  • I will check out all circulating Cook Library items, including reserves and equipment or accessories that I keep in my carrel. Items that are not checked out will be re-shelved.
  • I will renew and keep current Cook Library items, including reserves and equipment or accessories, and Interlibrary Loan items that I have checked out. Overdue items will be removed and returned.
  • I will return any non-circulating Cook Library items that I have used in my carrel to a re-shelving cart or to the library desk at the end of the same day. Non-circulating items that are not returned at the end of the day will be re-shelved.
  • I understand that if I am emailed to determine whether I am still using my carrel and I do not respond, my carrel may be reassigned.