ANY NCF or USF S-M student can request a study carrel.

Any NCF or USF S-M student can request a STUDENT LIBRARY CARREL.  Study carrels are assigned in the order received, except for “study-buddy” applicants – those who opt to share a study carrel.  If you opt to share your study carrel with another NCF or USF S-M student, ”a study buddy”, you will go to the head of the line, receiving priority consideration.

Carrels are not being assigned at this time due to the limited number that are available.The carrels are available for anyone to use while they are in the library.The library is not responsible for items that are left in the carrels.




Please use extreme care with food and uncovered drinks in the carrels. Moving, damaging, renumbering, defacing, or otherwise changing carrels may result in having carrel privileges revoked.  Failure to check out library materials placed in the carrel or to follow due dates for library or Inter-Library Loan materials may result in the loss of  carrel privileges as well as other penalties. Please return all non-circulating materials such as theses and periodicals to a book truck for re-shelving when you leave your carrel and the library.