Laura Hirshfield

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan
B.A., Swarthmore College

Laura Hirshfield’s teaching interests include Sociology of Marriage and the Family, Women and Work, Sociology of Education, Social Psychology & Emotions, Race & Ethnicity, and Research Methods. Her research focuses on women’s experiences in the workplace, specifically in the Academy. More broadly, she studies gender, emotions, science, and organizations. Her dissertation, a qualitative study of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in Chemistry, involved over 120 hours of ethnographic observation and 40 semi-structured interviews. The study explored authority, expertise, and impression management in the contexts of the laboratory, classrooms, and group meetings. She also studies the hidden labor, or “cultural taxation,” experienced by faculty members due to their race and gender.

Current Courses
Introduction to Research Methods
Sociology of Education
Seminar in Social Psychology: Identity, Impression Management, and the Self
Women and Work
Marriage and the Family

Selected Publications
Laura E. Hirshfield. “Not the Ideal Professor: Gender in the Academy” in Andi Stepnick & Kris DeWelde (eds.), Disrupting the Culture of Silence: Women Navigating Hostility and Making Change in the Academy. Vanderbilt University Press. (forthcoming)

Laura E. Hirshfield
and Tiffany D. Joseph. (2012) “‘We Need a Woman. We Need a Black Woman’: Gender, Race & Identity Taxation in the Academy.” Gender and Education, 24 (2):213-227

Tiffany D. Joseph and Laura E. Hirshfield. 2011. “‘Why Don’t You Get Somebody New To Do It?’: Race and Cultural Taxation in the Academy.” Ethnic & Racial Studies, 34 (1): 121-141.

Laura E. Hirshfield. 2010. “‘She Won’t Make Me Feel Dumb’: Implications and Consequences of Identity Threat in a Male-Dominated Discipline.” International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 2(1): 5-24.

Linnea S. Hauge, Adam C. Frischknecht, Paul G. Gauger, Laura E. Hirshfield, Deborah Harkins, David A. Butz, and Paul A. Taheri. 2010. “Web-Based Curriculum Improves Residents’ Knowledge of Healthcare Business.” Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 211 (6): 777-783.

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