Ivan Ramirez

Iván J. Ramírez

Visiting Professor of Geography/Environmental Studies

Ph.D., Michigan State University (expected 2011)
M.A., Columbia University
B.A., Hunter College of City University of New York

Iván’s teaching and research interests are multidisciplinary and focus on three areas related to the study of Climate and Society: (a) climate-ecosystem-society interactions; (b) sustainability science; and (c) ethics and capacity building. Specifically, he aims to understand how the interrelationships among climate, environmental and societal processes impact human vulnerability and health. He also aims to understand why some places and communities are more vulnerable to climate impacts than others. In this regard, his scholarly interests underscore an avid concern with ethics and equity. Iván believes that the subject of ethics can help students to understand the challenges that populations face under a changing climate, environment and society. From a policy perspective, the usability of his work is to inform capacity building strategies that address potential impacts of current and future climate-related hazards. He investigates these topics using a geographic approach and mixes methods, such as time series and geostatistics with fieldwork observations and historical analysis. In his dissertation research he examined the spatial and temporal effects of El Niño-Southern Oscillation and social vulnerability on cholera incidence in northern Perú during the 1990s.

Climate, Ecosystem and Society: A Climate Affairs Approach (Fall 2011)
Sustainability Science: Case Studies from Latin America (Spring 2011)

Selected Publications

Ramírez, I.J. Rethinking El Niño-cholera associations in Peru: A Climate Affairs Approach. Weather, Climate and Society. (In revision)

Janes, E., Burton, C., Andreas, C., Ramírez, I.J., Diaz, R., Laguna, D., and Martinez, N. 2010. Climate change and hazards: Building local resilience through communication [White Paper]. Institute for the Integration of Research on Climate Change and Hazards in the Americas. Panama City, Panama and Washington, D.C.: National Science Foundation Award # OISE-0921613 to Association of American Geographers.

Ramírez, N.C., Ramírez, I.J.. and Ordinola, N. 2009. El Niño, capacidades existentes en Piura, Peru [El Niño and existing capacities in Piura, Peru]. El Niño Affairs, Consortium for Capacity Building http://ccb.colorado.edu/enos/editorials/sept09.html. In Spanish.

Grady, S.C. and Ramírez, I.J. 2008. Mediating Medical Risk Factors in the Residential Segregation and Low Birthweight Relationship by Race in New York City. Health and Place 14(4): 661-677.

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