Voice/IP Telephony

Information on how to place conference calls, long-distance and international calls.

Voice / IP Telephony

ShoreTel Quick Reference Guide

Conference Calls Using Your Desk Phone

The Conference feature enables you to have up to six parties, including the conference originator, on one conference with the capability to extend a conference through cascading.  In order to use your phones built in conference ability, do the following:

ShoreTel Phones

  • While on a call, press Conference. The system places your current caller on hold.
  • Dial the number of the person you want to conference in.
  • Once the call is connected, press the “Yes” soft key to merge the calls.
  • Repeat the process to add more participants.

Conference Bridge/800 Number Conference Call

If you are planning on a larger conference or have the need for a toll-free number, you will need to initiate a Help Desk Request. This requires a minimum of 24-hour notice as it takes time to setup the routing of our toll-free numbers. If possible, please submit a request at least three business days prior to the scheduled conference call.

Please provide the following information:

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Duration
  • Number of attendees who will be calling in

Conference call-in instructions and the 800 number pass code will be provided to you upon completion of setup.  Please remember to forward the instructions to the attendees.

As part of the college’s telephone system, you will need a long distance access code (LDAC) unique to you for use in making long distance calls for business purposes only from your office phone or other campus phones. You should keep your code confidential to prevent unauthorized use. For the purpose of this procedure, a long distance call is defined as any call that requires the number 1+ area code to be entered at the beginning of the phone number.

  1. If you do not have an LDAC, the Phone and LDAC Request form for new or updated services can be downloaded, printed, completed and sent back to IT for processing.
  2. All 941, 813 and 727 calls are now “free” expanded local calls. Calls to the additional two area codes (727, 813) along with calls to toll free “800” numbers will not incur a charge but may require the entry of an LDAC. 
  3. When you make a long distance call from your office phone or any other campus phone you will be prompted to enter your 6-digit LDAC. This will permit the call to be placed and the charges to be applied to your departmental budget. 
  4. Long distance charges paid from College funds must be for business purposes only. Using your LDAC to make personal long distance calls is strictly prohibited. Should you need to make long distance calls of a personal nature, you should do so via personal cell phones, prepaid long distance cards or personal credit cards.
  5. Each month your departmental fiscal liaison will receive a detailed list of all long distance calls placed by each employee in the department. This person will provide you a detailed list of any calls authorized under your LDAC for your review and reconciliation.
  6. You should review each call, placing the letter B by each charge to indicate that you made the call and that it was for business purposes. After you review the summary to ensure that you placed the calls listed, sign and date the summary and return it to your departmental fiscal liaison. If there are any calls listed that you did not make, please point them out to your liaison.
  7. You may find it helpful to maintain a long distance call log, noting the date, phone number and name of the party for each call you place. This will aid you in remembering what calls you made and will expedite reconciliation of your monthly billing summary.
  8. In the event you inadvertently placed a personal long distance call using your LDAC, please write the word PERSONAL beside that call and make arrangements to promptly reimburse the College for the associated charge.
  9. International long distance (ILD) calls can only be dialed from a phone extension which has been enabled for international access. Enabling of ILD on a specific phone extension must be authorized in writing by the immediate supervisor and division chair or department head and must include a description of the legitimate business purpose for international access. The ILD Access Request form can be downloaded, printed, completed and sent back to IT for processing. 
  10. Should you have any questions regarding your LDAC or the long distance calling/billing process please contact our Long Distance Administrator: Alex Kostova at 941-487-4260.

Before you are able to make an international call, your phone must first be given permission to make these calls.  By default, your phone will not be able to call internationally unless otherwise instructed from your department chair.

The ILD Access Request form can be downloaded, printed, completed and sent back to IT for processing.

When you make an international call, you must first dial 8, then dial 011 + country code + city code + local number.