Senior Thesis Projects in International & Area Studies

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in International and Area Studies:

“Czechmate: Redefining the Relationship Between Bohemia and the German Empire, 973–1086” by Grayson Chester

“Deposits Grow, Disempowerment Lingers: Economic Status and Social Empowerment in a Women's Self- Help Group Microfinance Program in Rajasthan, India” by Claire Comiskey

“A Regional Comparison of the Causes and Consequences of Differential Educational Outcomes in Rural China” by Naushin Jiwani

“It's in the Air For You And Me': Nuclear Power in France, Germany, Sweden and The United States after Chernobyl” by Casey Morell

“MADRE: An Ethnographic Study of Feminism, Social Change and Women's Human rights” by Erica Lindegren

“Bon Voyage? Tourism and Development in the Caribbean: The Case of Barbados” by Nicole Whalen

“The Role of Guanxi in Chinese Economic Transition: Firm Networking & Market Autonomy” by Chelsea Dye

“The Victim's Burden: Disrupted Identity and Social Tensions in the Reintegration of Ex-LRA in Northern Uganda” by Alexandra Pierce

“Transitions from Civil Conflict: Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and the Role of Justice in Creating Sustainable Peace” by Michelle Chandler Reed

“Puerto Rican Independence: A Sisyphean Challenge” by Lydia Ramirez

“Eating in Separate Kitchens: Economic Decentralization and Local Authority in China” by Sarah Brown

“An Examination of the Causal Mechanisms Behind Latin America's Populist Revival and Corresponding Move to the Left” by Andrea Lynch

“The EU Political System Under Stress: Managing Political Uncertainty in Genetically Modified Organisms Policy” by Diana Hinova

“The Partition of British India” by Nausherwan Hafeez

“Buenos Aires: The Tango Capitalism of the World” by Lindsay Barnhart

“Civil Conflict Outcomes and Recurrence” by Andrew Perniciaro

“National Identity in a Center-Periphery Context: Conflict and Accommodation in Russia's Regions” by Christine Difato

“Patents versus People: TRIPS, the USTR, International Advocacy Groups, and Access to Medication in Developing Countries” by Anne Mira Guha

“Explaining the American Exception: The Story of the American Gasoline Tax” by Nathaniel Stewart Burbank

“Education as a Tool for Social Justice” by Maxeme Jara Tuchman

“La Chabacaneria Guaracheada: A Vindication of the Puerto Rican Identity through a Linguistic and Stylistic Study of Luis Rafael Sanchez's La Guaracha del Macho Camacho” by Andrea Gomez

“Indigenous Subsystems and Democratic State-Building in Guatemala” by Laura Carolina Rudert

“The Bulgarian Currency Board: A Resolution of the 1996-1997 Crisis” by Ivan D. Dimitrov

“The Anti-Allende Women: A Study in Political Movements” by Courtney Nogar

“A Test of Wills: U. S. Foreign Policy Toward Nicaragua During the Reagan Administration” by Margaret Ray

“Puerto Rican Industrial Incentives Acts: A Political EconomicExamination of Development” by Alexander D. Villafañe

“Contemporary Spanish Cinema: Political Centrism, Globalization and Post-Modern Values” by Guy Menahem

“Where Will We Put the Star? An Investigation into the Puerto Rican Status Question” by Thomas Jay Brown

“Cuba, su Cultura, y Latinoamérica: Dimensiones Polícas y Económicas” by Andrés Cala

“Italy and the Changing European Union” by Gaia Paltrinieri

“An Analysis of Chinese Foreign Policy During the Period of Sino-American Rapproachement---A Chinese Perspective” by Qinghua Xu

“Russia and Its Integration into the Global Economy” by Thomas H. Cook

“The Southern African Trap: Foreign Policies of the SADCC States” by Wil Frentzen

“Fun 'N' Games in International Relations” by Karen Patricia Stasiowski

“Transnationalism, Nonviolent Resistance, and the Individual” by Helen C. Kesler

“Containment: The Postwar American National Security Policy in East Asia” by Marcela Swiger

“The Grenadian Crisis and the Future of the Commonwealth Caribbean” by Lisa Gaye McGregor

“Theories of Imperialism: A Somali Case Study” by Kathryn M. Galt

“Soviet Perception: Intervention as a Crisis Policy” by Elizabeth A. Elin

“Mirage of the 'Two Pillars': A Comparative Political Analysis of Contemporary Saudi Arabia and Pahlavi Iran” by Linda Lacewell

“The Application of Plural Analysis to White Settler Societies: A Case Study of Rhodesia” by John Edward Dunn, III

“Profit Maximization and the International Management of Whales” by Jennifer E. Davis

“Neighborhood Action: Toward What Goals?” by Darcy Ashman

“Toward True Freedom: Algerian Foreign Policy Since Independence” by Robert Watts

“Nation-State Building in the Congo: 1959-1961” by Yvonne A. Crocker

“Decision Making Paradigms, the Imperial German Government, and an Examination of Its Actions During the European Crisis of July, 1914” by Julian M. Kaplin, Jr.

“Crisis and Rapprochement: United States, China, and Japan” by Jordon Young

“Blazing Fire, Thawing Ice: Soviet Foreign Policy on Disarmament and Economic Cooperation with the West” by Howard Jay Steinberg


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