Humanities Curriculum

In addition to the general requirement that all New College students must complete seven contracts, three Independent Study Projects and a senior thesis project in order to graduate, students pursuing a Humanities AOC should meet the following requirements:

 • The student should demonstrate the ability to read, think, communicate, create and perform in the humanities through successful completion of one or more undertakings in each of the following fields: the arts, literature(s), philosophy or religion.

• The student should explore diverse approaches to the humanities through successful completion of at least one undertaking in each of the following sample areas:

• Historical study in one of the humanities disciplines (e.g., The Western Art Music Tradition, Christian Scriptures, art history courses).

• Theoretical/critical study in one of the humanities disciplines (e.g., Introduction to Music, Music Theory I, courses in philosophy, Introduction to Religion).

• Creative work in one of the humanities disciplines (e.g., courses in art, music theory, acting, directing, creative writing, dance or stagecraft).

For detailed requirements, check out our General Catalog.

Recent course offerings in Humanities:

Due to the flexible and interdisciplinary nature of our Humanities AOC, it is difficult to list "typical" courses that students pursue. Instead, you will work with your faculty advisor to design a plan of study and coursework that matches your particular interests and goals.  

Sample courses available within each of the disciplines of the Humanities can be found on the disciplinary AOC pages (e.g., Literature). You may also view a list of all New College courses by semester by clicking here.


U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks New College among the top 10 of all public liberal arts colleges in its rankings of the best national liberal arts colleges in 2013.

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