Division of Humanities

If you are fascinated by world cultures and religions, have read the Odyssey and the Illiad dozens of times, or are drawn to music and art, then you may find that your area of concentration lies in the Division of Humanities. In Humanities, you will engage in critical and analytical study of primary works such as literature, historical documents, cultural artifacts and documentation, as well as critical engagement with secondary or scholarly approaches to these objects and their fields. Areas of study include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, English, religion, art and visual and performing arts such as music and theater.

Humanities emphasizes library research skills, from careful and deep reading to using digital resources of all kinds. Humanities students generally work extensively in the library or on the library website to develop fine-tuned search skills. They are also likely to earn advanced degrees, from the PhD, JD or MFA, to library degrees including the Master of Science in Information Sciences and Master of Library Science. Our graduate placement record with nationally-ranked programs is excellent, and our graduates have worked in the Library of Congress, Hollins University and public libraries.

New College's language instruction program is top-notch. Students who have come here with little to no language other than English have gone on to do advanced graduate work in the literature of that language, to work in careers where they use their language skills, and to live and teach abroad. Although still quite new, our Chinese Language & Literature program is growing by leaps and bounds, with many of our students studying abroad in China — a true cultural immersion and enrichment to classroom study. The College has a Language Resource Center designed to provide resources and support to language students and faculty, including audio-visual and print resources, language software and games.

Language Placement Exam Information: New College offers an online placement exam in Spanish, French and German in order to place students in the appropriate class. Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Russian do not use the online placement exam; faculty in those areas can provide you with more information. Once you are admitted to New College, you will be able to access detailed information on language placement exams through our community portal, myNCF. Faculty will confirm your placement after you arrive in August through some combination of questionnaires, writing samples and individual conversations.

Built around a central courtyard, the Caples Fine Arts Complex is the heart of music, sculpture and the fine arts on campus. The 257-seat auditorium is used for music, theater and dance performances by students and visiting artists. The art and sculpture buildings include a printmaking studio-arts lab with Mac computers and peripherals, plus woodworking and welding shops. Music students have access to the latest computer technology and software.

The Division of Humanities offers the following areas of concentration (AOC):
(see below for faculty)

Art History
Chinese Language & Culture
French Language & Literature
German Language & Literature
Russian Language & Literature
Spanish Language & Culture
Spanish Language & Literature

*Can be completed as part of a combined area of concentration.


Kim Anderson
Associate Professor of Art

Charla Bennaji
Instructor of Spanish Language & Literature

Douglas C. Berggren
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Virginia Bray
Adjunct Instructor of Piano

Magdalena E. Carrasco
Professor of Art History

Maribeth Clark
Associate Professor of Music

Glenn R. Cuomo
Professor of German Language & Literature

Andrea Dimino
Associate Professor of English

Rachel Dulin
Adjunct Instructor of Hebrew

Aron Edidin
Professor of Philosophy

April N. Flakne
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Cris Hassold
Professor of Art History

Richard Herzog
Assistant Professor of Sculpture

Margaret Konkol
Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Robert H. Knox, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of English

Sonia N. Labrador-Rodríguez
Associate Professor of Spanish Language & Literature

Douglas C. Langston
Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Andrei Malaev-Babel
Adjunct Instructor of Theater

Susan Marks
Associate Professor of Judaic Studies
Klingenstein Professorship Chair

John F. McDiarmid
Professor Emeritus of British & American Literature

Matthew McLendon
Adjunct Instructor of Art History

Gordon E. Michalson, Jr. 
Professor of Humanities

Stephen T. Miles
Professor of Music

Arthur McA. Miller
Professor Emeritus of British & American Literature

Nova Myhill
Associate Professor of English

John R. Newman
Professor of Religion
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of Asian Religions

Thomas Olshewsky
Research Scholar, Humanities

José Alberto Portugal
Professor of Spanish Language & Literature
Pepsico Professorship Chair
Chair, Division of Humanities

Amy B. Reid
Professor of French Language & Literature

David S. Rohrbacher
Associate Professor of Classics

Carl Shaw
Associate Professor of Greek Language & Literature

Wendy Sutherland
Associate Professor of German Language & Literature

Jocelyn C. Van Tuyl
Professor of French Language & Literature

Miriam L. Wallace
Professor of English

Jessica Williams
Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy

Leymis J. Wilmott
Adjunct Instructor of Dance

Alina Wyman
Assistant Professor of Russian Language & Literature

Robert Zamsky
Associate Professor of English
Dean of Studies

Jing Zhang
Associate Professor of Chinese Language & Culture

Aijun Zhu
Assistant Professor of Chinese Language & Culture

Division of Humanities
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