Senior Thesis Projects in History

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in History:

“Matilda of Canossa and the Role of Women in Medieval Politics” by Maika Beard

“The American War of Unification, 1961-1865” by Wesley M. Decker

“Past Sense: History in the Realm of the Senses” by Andrew Hess

“Witch-Hunts in America: Comparing The Salem Witch Trials to the Second Red Scare” by Genevieve Rowland

“Empires in Autumn: Limitations of Imperial Overstretch in the Ottoman and British Empires” by Andrew Louis Smith

“Freaks and Jailbirds: Town-Gown Relations Between New College of Florida and the Sarasota-Bradenton Community from its Foundation to 1975” by Alexandra Vargas-Fournier

“The Road to Modern India: Through World War II, the Great Partition, and the Green Revolution” by Lydia Dumais

“Czechmate: Redefining the Relationship Between Bohemia and the German Empire, 973–1086” by Grayson Chester

“Captivity, consciousness, and culture: The role of the Captivity Narrative in American National Identity” by Jillian Brown

“The Case of Claude Lightfoot: COINTELPRO, Civil Rights, and the Demise of the Communist Party, USA” by Alex Cline

“Social Tolerance and Marginalization in Post-War Germany: A Study of the "Others" in Contrast to German Identity” by Amber Patti

“The German Influence on the British Monarchy During the Reigns of King William IV and Queen Victoria” by Marie Van Camp

“Jomini in the Trenches: The Origin of Modern War in Confederate Doctrine” by Eric Bolme

“God Bless America: How Presidents Use American Civil Religon to Legitimize Military in Their Inaugural Addresses” by TM Mawn

“New Conditions and Ideas: Comparing the Post-War Economic Conversions of the United States and Great Britain” by Gisselle Callejas

“He Who Controls the Spice: Colonialism in South India Under the British East India Company” by Jessica Rose

“A Crisis of Consciousness: Volkisch Occultism in Austria and Germany, 1890-1933” by Shanna Turner

“Eighteenth-Century London and the Birth of Consumer Culture” by Lisa Fisher

“Origins and Applications of the Conch Republic: Key West, Florida” by David Weinberg

“The Legal System of the Third Reich: Issues of Complicity within the Legal Profession” by Chad Wilson Bickerton

“Fashion, Feminism, and Fascism: The New Woman and the Crisis of Modernity in France and Germany, 1920-1945.” by Kinley Paisley

“Soldiers of Paper and Ink: American Intellectual Interpretations of the Spanish Civil War” by Adam D. Schafer

“A Just Cause: Irish Neutrality in the Second World War” by Emily Goldenberg

“Travelers in Transformation: Three British Writers and Their Interpretations of France in the Late Eightenth Century” by Dana Lynn Trejo

“Oil and Native American Decision-Making: Navajo, Inuit, and Gwich'in Approaches to Economic Development” by Tamara Schiff

“The Partition of British India” by Nausherwan Hafeez

“Norsemen Without a King: An Analysis of Executive Authority in the Icelandic Commonwealth” by James Cross

“A Tiger Hunt as Your Cup of Tea: Masculinity in Victorian England and its Effect on Women's Roles in Colonial England” by Anna Rupinski

“The Methodology of Discrimination: Development and Theory of Scientific Racism in the 18th and 19th Centuries” by Paule Sarah Gordon

“Masculinity, Sexuality, and Identity in Three Queer Texts, 1900-1910” by Kate Mulkern

“The Media's Reception of Queer Images in Music Videos in the 1980s and 1990s” by Brian Van Valkenburg

“Father Charles Coughlin: A Radio Celebrity's Construction of the American People along Class, Racial, and Religious Lines” by Agnes Fusiek

“River Development in the 1930's: A Comparative Study of the Tennessee and Columbia Rivers” by Courtney Hollen

“The Irish Rebellion of 1798: France, Failure, and the United Irishmen” by Erin Mahaney

“The Role of Law in Edward I's Conquests of Wales and Scotland, 1277-1307” by Caitlyn Miller

“Anti-Semitism and Political Opportunism: The Holocaust in France, Italy, and Romania” by Erin Stagner

“The Russo-Chechen Conflict and the Construction of Chechen Identity” by Blake Weinger

“The Panama Canal, the Press and the Presidency” by Brian Ellison

“Revolutionary Bodies: Gender, Power, and the Public Sphere in Eighteenth-Century France” by Erin Freeny

“Confounding Powers of Legalese: Booker School Boycott, Diplomatic Doublespeak, and the Battle over Reciprocal School Desegregation in Sarasota, Florida” by Joshua Orr

“The Deane-Lee Affair: A Political Scandal and its effects on a Developing Nation” by Tess Repenning

“Military Theory and Political Reality in the American Civil War” by David Slavkin

“Démocratie Déraillée: (Democracy Derailed) Understanding Haiti's Debilitating Legacy of Ineffective Governance and Instability” by Audrey Danielle Nicoleau

“Personality Type as a Correlate of Success in Traditional and Non-Traditional Colleges: A Person-Environment Congruence Perspective” by Alexander Mosca


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