Life After New College: Graduate School

When you graduate from New College, you can look back on having planned an individualized academic program, read and written extensively, done original research and completed a major thesis based on research or creative work in your Area of Concentration. These accomplishments are looked on favorably by the nation’s most prestigious post-graduate programs.

Acceptance rates for grad school are very high. From 2004 to 2008, for example, 87 percent of New College students who applied to a Masters/Ph.D. program were accepted, and 85 percent were accepted into law school. The prestigious Wall Street Journal has ranked New College the nation’s No. 2 public feeder school for elite law, medical and business schools. Of all science graduates since 1967, roughly one-third have earned an M.D. or Ph.D.

A survey of alumnae/i who graduated between 1996 and 2007 reveals much about their graduate school experiences. Here are some of the results:

• 71% of respondents enrolled in at least one graduate or professional program since graduating.

• 55% reported that they earned at least one degree or professional certificate.

• 38% had earned master’s degrees.

• 17% enrolled in medical schools for veterinary medicine, pharmacy or medical degrees. All graduates with medical degrees reported being employed full-time in the medical field.

• 10% were either enrolled or earned degrees in law.

• 67% reported enrolling in doctoral level programs of study. Those who had earned their degrees landed careers as professors, psychologists and researchers.

• Graduate school was a strong choice for alumnae/i who had graduated in these particular Areas of Concentration: Anthropology (70%); Biology (78%); Chemistry (86%); Literature (64%); Philosophy (65%) and Psychology (80%).

• The top graduate or professional schools attended by New College graduates included the University of Florida, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Chicago, Columbia University, American University, Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University and the New School for Social Research.

“New College provided me with my first opportunities to design a research study, read professional articles and design my own curriculum of study,” commented one of the survey respondents. “These lessons were most valuable as I began graduate school. I felt extremely prepared, possibly even ahead of others who were beginning graduate programs at the same time or earlier than me.”

Another alum said, “New College teaches you to question, and think critically and analytically about information. The longer I am at grad school, the more I appreciate my New College undergrad education.”

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