Although New College is considered one of the country’s most affordable colleges, more than half of our students require financial aid. Needs are particularly acute among first-generation, minority and non-Florida students.

The creation of a named scholarship endowment is a twofold gift. In the act of honoring or memorializing a member of one’s family, a civic leader or a former professor or student within the New College community, the donor is also recognizing and assisting exceptional students—thus continuing to nourish the distinctive spirit of the College. Through this kind of financial support, New College is able to attract and retain a diverse student body of the highest intellectual caliber.

In addition to endowing scholarships, donors can provide annual tuition, room and board support for individual students. Donors have the opportunity to meet their scholarship recipient at an annual lunch or dinner and frequently stay in contact with their student during and after graduation. Support levels are indicated below:

• Florida student $6,000
• Florida student through graduation $24,000 (4-year pledge)
• Out-of-state or international student $29,000 per year
• Out-of-state or international student through graduation $120,000 (4-yr pledge)

To learn about scholarship endowment opportunities or providing scholarship assistance to individual students, please contact the New College Foundation at 941-487-4800 or foundation@ncf.edu.

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