Why Study German at New College?

At New College, our faculty believe strongly that the study of German is about much more than simply reading, writing and conversing in the language. Instead, they emphasize a fully immersive approach with practical applications designed to help you understand not only the rich and diverse history and literature of Germany but the social, cultural and economic opportunities and challenges it faces today.

Taking full advantage of modern technology and using current literature in addition to traditional course materials, you will explore such complex and varied topics as the impact of immigrants on post-reunification Germany, the history and significance of architecture in the capital city of Berlin, and how socialists used Brothers Grimm fairy tales and films derived from them to construct a sense of German "values" in the German Democratic Republic.             

While some students choose to pursue German Studies as a stand-alone major, others prefer to combine it with study in another discipline as well.  Such dual majors, or Slash AOCs as we call them, allow our German Studies students to gain in-depth knowledge of an area or field that is of special interest to them. Among the more popular slash AOCs pursued by our German Studies students are German/Art History, German/Music, German/History, German/International Studies, German/Philosophy, German/Religion and German/Economics.   



[Did you know?]

New College is one of the nation's per capita leaders in terms of Fulbright Scholars. Over the years, 31 of the 75 New College students who have earned Fulbrights  have studied in Germany.

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