Senior Thesis Projects in Gender Studies

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Gender Studies:

Does It Pay To Care? The Commodification of Care and Remuneration in The Market” by Crystal Miller

Opposites (Still Must) Attract: Constructions of Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Modern Young Adult Literature” by Bre Gregg

Don't Speak, I Know Just What You're Saying: Gender Role Orientation, Self-Silencing, and Relationship Satisfaction” by Francesca Leyva

What is Queer-Ness? A Prototype Analysis of Queer Identity” by Molly Swift

The Divine Feminine: A Feminist Study of Goddess Appropriation within the Jewish Renewal Movement and Western Interpretations of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism” by Zoe Rayor

Communicated Gender: A Content Analysis of Contemporary Children's Toy Commercials in the U.S.” by Mackenzie Pawliger

Marketing Masculinity: A Content Analysis of Gender Role Presentations in Super Bowl Commercials at the Turn of the 21st Century” by Allison Whitcomb

An Anthropology of Remembering: Queer Theory, Collaborative Archaeology, & the Apalachea past” by Lee Bloch

MADRE: An Ethnographic Study of Feminism, Social Change and Women's Human rights” by Erica Lindegren

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Queerest of Them All?" A Crip Perspective on Fairy Tale Intertextuality” by Jody Francis Mailer

"You can still be a feminist, be proud of being a woman, and deal with the gender binary": Issues of Sex and Gender at Indian Brook Camp” by Flavia Grattery-Musinsky

"Smarten Up and Act Dumb, Sister!": Representations of Sexuality and Gender in Children's Television Media” by Zoe Nicole Kenney

God's Liberated People? Men and Women in the Metropolitan Community Church” by Kathleen O'Neal

Traditional Place and Feminist Space: The Japanese Tea Ceremony Makes Room for Empowerment” by Morgan Boecher

Where We've Been, Where We're Going: Feminist Voices in Anthropology” by Roxanne Sawhill

Promoted Gender Roles in Heterosexual Teenage Dating: 1950s and 2000s” by Scarlett Taylor

Representations of Women in the Work of Gustave Flaubert and Leo Tolstoy” by Jillian Horowitz

Whose Development in 'Theatre for Development'?: Donors, Directors, and Local Participation in a South African Non-Governmental Organization” by Laine Forman

The Fiction of Choice: Abortion Plots, Gender and Patriarchy in Four Twentieth-Century Texts” by Merode "Mem" Ward-Lichterman

Interracial Intimacy in Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa” by Salome Blignaut

Sentence/Sentience: An Exploration of Unbounded Linguistic Assemblage within Experimental Poetics” by Meghan Hawkins

Lessons in Love: The Role of the Mentor-Lover in Nineteenth-Century Women's Novels.” by Crystal Dawn Kopp

She-Monsters in Nineteenth-Century Novels” by Natalia Real

"All Our Human Boundries were OverRun": Reconfiguring Motherhood in Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping and Dorothy Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina and Cavedweller” by Sarah M. Young

Masculinity, Sexuality, and Identity in Three Queer Texts, 1900-1910” by Kate Mulkern

The Media's Reception of Queer Images in Music Videos in the 1980s and 1990s” by Brian Van Valkenburg

The Construction and Enactment of Queer and Jewish Identity” by Beth Prentiss

Identity in the House of Difference: Constructing the Situational Subject in Audre Lorde's Zami” by Rebecca Balon

Egalitarian and Difference Feminism in Fantasy Literature: Strategies for Breaking through Oppression in the Works of McCaffrey, Pierce, Le Guin and McKillip” by Sarah Nelson-Steinberg

Questions de Genre: Story and Identity in the Feature Films of Safi Faye” by Holly Herrick

Relational Aggression in Gay Male Relationships; Examining the Role of Internalized Homophobia” by Richard Alan Robertson, II

First Do No Harm': Intersexuality and the Rise of the Medical Profession” by Kim Heinz

The Shifting Margins of Whiteness and Otherness: Hispanic American Women and the Social Construction of Race” by Sasha Wortzel

Gender Bias in Physiological Stress Research” by Jennifer Potter

Telling Stories: Narratives of Female Identity in Three Canadian Novels” by Jillian Crowther

The Healing Power of Narrative: The 1937 Haitian Massacre and Two Literary Representations” by Kara Kristina Larson

A Matter of Choice: The Impact of State Intervention on Reproductive Rights in the United States and France” by Corey Callahan

Inanimate Abjections: Configuring Identity in the Work of Hans Bellmer, Cindy Sherman, and Mike Kelley” by Lauren O'Neill-Butler

Writing Herself into Existence: Contemporary American Women's Life-Writing” by Taryn Morvillo

America Under Construction: Nineteenth-Century Women's Travel Narratives of Westward Expansion” by Christine Marie McCullough

Images of Cross-Dressing in Four Nineteenth-Century Novels: Gender, Class, and Power” by Marcy W. Murray

The Private 'I' in the Public Sphere: Narratives of Space, Place, and Community in the Lesbian Detective Novel” by Sarah Strozier Viren

Constructing Domestic Violence within the Battered Women's Shelter: Workers' Role.” by Cathryn Cayce Hughes

(Dis) Integrated Material: Cyborg Feminism and the Posthuman Body” by Katherine E. Hubin

Locating Socially Effective Literature: Difference, Fictionality and Self-Construction in Kingston, Lorde and Duras” by Hillary Hall

Textual Bodies: The Remaking of Meany in Works by Marie Cardinal, Clarice Lispectora and Janice Galloway” by Ayla Samli

Existence in the Inquiry: The Dynamism of Feminist Existentialism” by Sara Irwin


Our Gender Studies alums have gone on to careers as professors, physicians, founders and directors of nonprofits, attorneys, communications executives, public policy-makers, teachers, authors, filmmakers and more.

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