Gender Studies Curriculum

Gender Studies students are expected to complete work in all three academic divisions (Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences) and to complete coursework that engages gender as it intersects with race, ethnicity, class, nationality, or disability, and to incorporate gender approaches in their senior thesis or project.

Here’s a list of recent course offerings in Gender Studies:

• Same, Equal, Different: Gender Studies in the U. S.
• Images of Women
• Modernism and Madness
• Sex in the Ancient World
• Modern Chinese Literature
• Language, Thought, and the World
• Feminist Philosophy
• Embodiment
• The Gothic Tradition
• Jewish Scriptures
• General Biology in Cultural Context
• Chemistry and the Environment
• Development in Anthropological Context
• Anthropology of Food
• Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
• Social Psychology
• Developmental Economics
• Contemporary Gender Seminar
• Contemporary Anthropology of Africa
• American History Survey: Pre-Colonial to 1865
• Social Movements
• Self and Identity
• Women and Seduction in 18th-Century German Drama
• Women in Russian Literature 1780s-1990s
• Francophone Literature of the Americas
• Mothers and Fathers in Genderland: American Literature and Culture
• Lines of Sight: Poetry and the Visual Arts
• Christian Scriptures
• Ethnography: Theory and Practice
• Ancient North America
• Sociology of Gender and the Body
• Queer Studies
• Work Organization and Its Alternatives
• An-Other Story: Art of Women Through the Ages
• Literary Movements of Nineteenth-Century France
• Becoming Jane Austen: Romantic-era Novel and Women’s Writing
• Advanced Spanish: Gendered Spanish American Literary Canon
• Theory of Knowledge

For detailed requirements, check out our General Catalog.

For a complete list of courses, click here.


Our Gender Studies alums have gone on to careers as professors, physicians, founders and directors of nonprofits, attorneys, communications executives, public policy-makers, teachers, authors, filmmakers and more.

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