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Marine Scientist and Shark Week Star

Melissa Marquez '15 studied Marine Ecology and Conservation at New College and now travels the world conducting research on sharks and other marine life.

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Making Films for Festivals and PBS

Nick Manting-Brewer '12 uses the ethnographic methods he learned while studying Anthropology at New College to create his award-winning documentary short films.

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Helping Plan the Future of Cities

Urban Studies majors Billy Cooney '18, now a planning technician for the City of Sarasota, and Maria Vanallen '20, who plans to become an architect, worked with Professor of Sociology David Brain on a comprehensive database of research relating to public spaces within urban environments.

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Creating an App That Detects Abuse

Computer Science major Eleanor Young '22 worked with Assistant Professor of Human Center Computing Tania Roy to develop a phone app that can identify potentially abusive text messages and provide resources for victims of abusive relationships.

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Helping College Campuses Go Green

Environmental Studies major Iyanu Corniel '19 interned at the Post-Landfill Action Network, a nonprofit organization that promotes and implements zero-waste policies on college campuses across the country, and now works for the organization as Director of Partnerships.

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Unearthing Greece's Ancient Cities

Margie Freeman '20, who is studying History and Classics at New College and planning to attend graduate school, traveled to Greece to participate in an archaeological expedition to uncover an ancient city in Messinia.

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