Senior Thesis Projects in English

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. To learn more about the three common pathways for the senior thesis project in English, click hereHere are some examples of thesis projects in English:

“‘A Maneuvering Business’: Courtship, Family, and Marriage in Novels of Manners (Burney, Austen, Edgeworth)” by Adella Irizarry

“A New Multimedia Edition of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera” by William Mayo

“Annihilation, Negation, and Revelation: Deconstructive Trauma and the Mysterious/Unknown in the Works of Emily Dickinson and Flannery O'Connor” by Megan Kathleen Pinckney

“Between 'Scylla and Charybdis': Navigating through Ulysses” by Hunter Felt

“Fearing the Future: The Uncanny Child and Modern Children's Literature by L. Frank Baum, Neil Gaiman, and J. K. Rowling” by Sean Marlow

“Form or Fascism?: Exploring Genre and Innovation in Three Nontraditional Sonnet Sequences” by Kathleen DeBolt

“Jazz Poetry: The American Idiom” by Isabel Maioriello-Gallus

“Marginalized Learning: The Role of Peritext in Ben Jonson's Hymenaei and The Masque of Queens” by Jessica Lynn Stone

“The Quest to Find Utopia: From Thomas More to Aldous Huxley” by Caitlin Riopel

“Reclaiming Representations: The Revisionist Work of Ishmael Reed” by Laura Van Dillen

“Subversion Subverted: Exploring Women's Roles in Early Modern Domestic Tragedy” by Monica Tedder

“To Hell House and Back: Theatre as Evangelical Outreach” by Suzanne Mooney

“Illustration as Interpretation: Illustrations of John Milton's Paradise Lost” by Brittany Hill

“Killing Pearl: When Hester Chooses Infanticide – Confronting Motherhood and the Redemptive Fantasy of The Scarlet Letter in Suzan-Lori Parks's The Red Letter Plays” by Alison Reid

“Strange Bedfellows: Toward a Unified Analysis of Beckett and Shepard” by Brian Hughes

“'to isolate her out of the loud world:' Towards a Maternal Continuum in the Writings of William Faulkner” by Rebecca Nelson

“Why a Duck? Self, Locality, Community, and Relevance in the Work of Charles Bernstein and Susan Howe” by John Witte


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