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Senior Thesis Projects in Economics

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Economics:

“Are You Getting What You Pay For?  An Analysis of the Education Production Function in South Carolina” by Erin Lapeyrolerie

"Crowding-Out in Public Radio" by Matthew Cutler

"Tax Havens and an Expanding Economy:  Policy Recommendations for China" by Timothy Richardson

"Turning Our Darkness to Dawn:  The Effect of the Preference Clause on the Pacific Northwest Electricity Market" by Willis Schueler

“Changing Slices of a Growing Pie: The Decline of the Wage Share and Rise of the Profit Share in U.S. GDP” by Rebecca Ryan Keenan

“Fixed Against Floating: An Investigation of the Stability of Barbados' Fixed Exchange Rate Regime” by Tristan A. Zucker

“Crimes of Emission: How Dirty are the Hfc-23 Abatement Projects of the Clean Development Mechanism?” by Oliver Laurence Peckham

“Cuba: Dependency and Development” by Carlos A. Iglesias Garcia

“Product Differentation with Bimodal Consumer Preference Distributions” by Regina Willis

“Bon Voyage? Tourism and Development in the Caribbean: The Case of Barbados” by Nicole Whalen

“Sources of Liquidity in the Great Credit Crunch” by Ezekiel Brustkern

“Wow You're Doing it Wrong: An Examination of Secondary RMT, External Costs, and Profit Maximization in World of Warcraft” by Wyatt Kostygan

“The Favorable Treatment of Owner-Occupied Housing in the Federal Individual Income Tax” by David Price

“Anyone Can be a Fisherman in May: The Economics of Fisheries and Fishery Regulation with an Exploration into the Icelandic Fisheries” by Gabriel Esteban Rodriguez

“Emprical Estimation of Asian Import Demand Functions: An Implication of Thirlwall's Law for Developing Nations” by Preston Bebas

“Economic Examination of the Case for Societal Subsidization of Education” by Ioana Ruxandra Brebenel

“Optimal Retrospective Capital Gains Taxation” by Nicholas Frazier

“An Empirical Investigation into the Demand for Mass Produced Artistic Products” by Chaitanya Katikala

“Targeting Strategies of Terrorist Groups: A Comparative Case Study of Northern Ireland and Spain” by Stephen Quirke

“Guyana's Post-Liberalization Stagnation: Real Exchange Rate or Oligopolistic Banking?” by Kyle Crandell

“Perspectives on Status Consumption” by Alexander English

“Explaining Variation in Homelessness Rates Across States” by Jeremy Spangler

“Risky Business: A Case for Cat-Bonds in Florida's Insurance Crisis” by David A. Kling

“The Political Economy of Development in South Korea” by Geoffrey Gordon

“Crisis in the Capian: The Overfishing of Sturgeon in the Caspian Sea for the Production of Caviar” by Jordan Clark

“Estimating the Aggregate Production of Azeroth” by Whitney Fish

“Examining the Economic Consequences of Low Skilled Immigrants in the United States” by Sandra Daniela Santistevan Gutierrez

“Solving the Shortage of Human Organs in the United States” by Eric Quintero

“Trade in Ideas and the Ideas of Trade: Using Constructivist Political Economy to Explain the Spread of Economic Regionalism” by Adam Tubridy

“The New Great Game: A Study of International Energy Competition in the Caspian Sea Region” by Robert Kupstas Byla

“Globalization: Revisiting Marxian Economic Theory” by Frank Hujsa

“Microeconomic Implications of Market-Based Fisheries Regulations in Marine Fisheries: Balancing Equity and Compliance with Theoretical Results” by Thomas Knight

“Developing from the Margins: Microfinance Repayment Incentives and Social Proximity” by Karlye Dilts

“A Post-Autistic Examination of the Giffen Good” by Timothy Buisker

“Is Working Paying Off? An Anaysis of Labor Market Commitment and Gender Pay Parity” by Elizabeth Hudson

“Dollatization to the Rescue? A Study of Currency Area Theory Applied to Ecuadirian Dollarization” by Oswaldo Javier Patiño Vega

“The Economics of Advertising: Analyzing the Effects of Different Types of Advertisements Under an Attribute Analysis Framework” by Natalie Guyette

“Quality of Health Care Assessment of Pediatric Acute Lymphoid Leukemia Patients Admitted to Florida Hospitals in 2003” by Laura A. Navarro-Borelly

“Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Bolivia” by Jonathan Steven Schaan

“Islamic Commercial Law and Economic Development” by Zeeshan Javed Hafeez

“A Critical Review of the Efficient Market Hypothesis” by Paul M. Reynolds

“Neuroeconomics: An Investigation into the Biological Foundations of Decision Making” by Sascha J. Mohr

“The Cyclical Nature of United States Commercial Bank Lending to Latin America: World War I through the 1990s” by Lawrence Austin Bowdish

“The Role of Corruption in Preventing Consolidation of Democracy in Bulgaria” by Polina Gueorguieva

“Millennium Madness, Now That We Are Over That ...” by Jennifer A. Harter

“Comparative Analysis of American and British Models of Pharmaceutical Regulation” by Matthew Mazzuckelli

“The Effects of Western Hemisphere Economic Integration on the Economic, Political, and Social Development of the Dominican Republic” by Myriam Isabel Alvarez Thomas

“Rural Reform and Development in China: From Mao to Deng” by Lacey Bradley

“The Effect of Context on Assignment of Gender to an Ambiguous Target” by Amanda Kennedy

“Examining the Economic Approach to Individual Decision Making: Arguments to Rethink Unbounded Rationality” by Stephen W. Nelson

“Let's Make a Deal: Labor Exploitation in the National Basketball Association” by Scott Schwieger

“The Bulgarian Currency Board: A Resolution of the 1996-1997 Crisis” by Ivan D. Dimitrov

“The Net Effect: Consumers, Copyright, and the Internet” by George Vincent Famiglio

“Alternatives to the Income Tax: A Tax on Consumption” by Aaron David Delgado

“An Unfinished Symphony: The Economic Viability of American Symphony Orchestra” by Jean-Pierre Mesia

“International Trafficking of Russian Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation” by Rebecca Schaaf

“Managing Fisheries: A Case Study of Conceptual Frameworks for Policy Design” by Jessica Campese

“On Integer Flows in Cayley Graphs: Excursions in Tutte's 3-edgecoloring Conjecture” by Scott Moser

“An Overview of Acid Mine Drainage with an Emphasis on the Biological and Economic Factors Involved” by Ian Hallett

“The Economics of Government Intervention: A Case Study of the Prohibited Market for Marijuana” by Dean Lo

“An Institutional Analysis of the Bulgarian Stock Market” by Irina Barakova

“Puerto Rican Industrial Incentives Acts: A Political EconomicExamination of Development” by Alexander D. Villafañe

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