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M.A. 1990, Ph.D. 1993, University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A., with Distinction 1984, Swarthmore College

Professor Wallace teaches English, particularly British literature and critical theory. Her scholarly expertise focuses on eighteenth-century and Romantic-era fiction, culture, and politics, with secondary areas in Virginia Woolf, law and literature, and health humanities/disability studies. She has particular interest in feminist and gender theories and related theoretical fields, and is a founding member of the Gender Studies faculty.

Her book, Revolutionary Subjects in the English “Jacobin” Novel, 1790-1805, which examined the evolving citizen-subject in late century radical British fiction, was completed with the support of an NEH College Teacher Fellowship. She coordinated a special issue of PMLA (the journal of the Modern Language Association) focused on “Emotions” with Katharine Jensen.

Professor Wallace’s current scholarship focuses on tracking how common, plebeian, and anomalous-bodied persons are represented as speaking publicly in late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Britain—and what that means for contemporary political and legal rhetoric. She also publishes on pedagogical issues and is currently co-editing a collection on Teaching the Eighteenth Century NOW.

Her regular course offerings include period courses such as “Victorian Literature: Home and Empire” and “Romanticism and Revolution”: topical courses such as “Law and Literature: Rhetoric in Action” and “Literature and Psychoanalysis”; and theory such as “Critical Theory in the U.S.” and “Anglophone Feminist Theory.” She co-teaches “Health, Culture, and Societies: Interdisciplinary Explorations” with a rotating group of faculty from across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Recent Courses

Critical Theory in the US: An Introduction
The Gothic Tradition
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Drama
Law and Literature: Rhetoric in Action

Selected Publications

“The Everyday Celebrity of ‘Sir’ Jeffrey Dunstan, Mayor of Garratt” for Making Stars: Biography and Celebrity in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Eds. Nora Nachumi and Kristina Straub. Rutgers University Press, 2022.

“The Spector of the Singular Body in Frankenstein (1818): Difference and Reparation” for Bodies of Information: Reading the Variable Body from Roman Britain to Hip Hop, Eds. Chris Mounsey and Stan Booth. Routledge, 2019.

“Legal Sensibilities and the Language of Gesture,” In Sensing the Law, eds. Sheryl Hamilton, Neil Sargent, Diana Majury, Christine Wilke. Routledge, 2017, 133-161.

Constructing Treason, Narrating Truth: The 1794 Treason Trial of Thomas Holcroft and the Fate of English Jacobinism.” Romanticism on the Net 45 (Feb. 2007): 25 Par.

“Thinking Back Through Our Others: Rereading Sterne and Resisting Joyce in The Waves.” Woolf Studies Annual 9 (2003): 193-220.


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