Tony Opio

- Housing/Residential Life

Tony Opio

Pronouns: he/him
Class/Year: Second year!
AOC: Environmental Studies
My favorite New College Memory is: It’s so hard to pick just one!! A lot of my favorite memories have to do with the waterfront over at Caples. Nothing is more beautiful than kayaking in the bay on a bright sunny Saturday morning or seeing the Caples Mansion under the full moon! Watching the sunset there while sitting on the rocks with the water right at your feet is truly amazing!
My hidden talent is: I know a lot of random things about bugs! And I’m a cleaning machine!
My hobbies are: Making art, taking pictures of bugs, collecting bones and admiring nature!
My dream job is: To be a ranger for the National Parks Service! Anything to protect our environment.
If I woke up as an animal I would be a: I’d want to be a raccoon!!! They’re strong, super smart, and ridiculously good climbers! People really underestimate them unfairly, but they’re really unique animals with an amazing (even if unconventional) skill set (and the cutest little hands)!!!