Sarah Darancou

- Housing/Residential Life

Sarah Darancou

Pronouns: she/her
Class/Year: Fourth year
AOC: Chemistry
My favorite New College Memory is: I really enjoy spending time with my fellow RAs. Some of my favorite New College memories come from goofy nights in the resource room or from planning and hosting successful events.
My hidden talent is: I’m really good at whistling!
My hobbies are: I like watching Netflix, taking super long naps and baking.
My dream job is: The career I have doesn’t matter, I just want to be in a position to help people and make a difference.
If I woke up as an animal I would be a: I would want to be big friendly dog, like a golden doodle. I would run around outside and go on long walks at the beach or through the woods. I would play with other dogs at the dog park and eat treats. At the end of the day I would come home to a loving family and relax on a big cozy dog bed.