Sarah Cooper

- Housing/Residential Life

Sarah Cooper

Pronouns: she/her
Class/Year: Second year
AOC: Religion
My favorite New College Memory is: For my 19th birthday, my friend (and now co-RA!) worked with my partner to throw me a Lady Gaga-themed surprise party at the outdoor classroom by the bay. The fact that they went out of their way to make my birthday so special meant so much to me, and it showed how loving and creative the people at New College can be.
My hidden talent is: I wouldn’t call it a talent, but I quote too many obscure references.
My hobbies are: Arts and crafts, taking Buzzfeed Quizzes, making bigots angry.
My dream job is: Something that would allow me to help young people recognize their power and potential.
If I woke up as an animal I would be a: I would want to be one of those fat birds that lives in the Magic Kingdom park. They get to live at Disney World for free, and they’re also always snacking on the overpriced food that tourists don’t finish. That’s the dream.