Bri Hyvarinen

- Housing/Residential Life

Bri Hyvarinen

Pronouns: she/her
Class/Year: Fourth year
AOC: Psychology
My favorite New College Memory is: My favorite New College memory is having a big feast with staff and friends who were still on campus for Thanksgiving. We had so much food and desserts, watched holiday movies, and played games. It made me feel at home.
My hidden talent is: I am a great writer!
My hobbies are: Pretending to have hobbie s– just kidding. I like to run, read, garden, and most recently, I have been learning new ways to meditate.
My dream job is: Preschool teacher, with a livable wage!
If I woke up as an animal I would be: Hollywood (Bianca’s dog). She spends her day bundled up in blankets on the couch and is treated like the queen she is.