Marcela Prado-Zapata

- Housing/Residential Life

Marcela Prado-Zapata

Pronouns: She/Her
Class/Year: Third year
AOC: Marine Biology/Applied Math
My favorite New College Memory is: My favorite New College memory is when I first saw the sunset at the bay during Orientation. I got this sense of belonging, and that sort of marked the start of a new chapter.
My hidden talent is: I can fall asleep just about ANYWHERE haha
My hobbies are: I enjoy doing yoga, dancing for dance collective, diving, and bucket listing! Both crossing off of my bucket list and adding to my bucket list
My dream job is: My dream job would be working in marine habitat rehabilitation. I want to recover, repair, and protect the beauty that is our underwater ecosystems.
If I woke up as an animal I would be a: I would 100% wake up as a sea turtle. They are one of my favorite animals! I would be able to explore the ocean and interact with other sea animals in the most genuine way. Crush is honestly my man, dude..