Lauren Rodriguez

- Housing/Residential Life

Lauren Rodriguez

Class/Year: Fourth year
AOC: Marine Biology
My favorite New College Memory is: I went to the cardboard regatta late during orientation week my first year, and there was only 10 minutes before the event started. I covered a normal box with tape and wielded a kayak paddle. When the race started I immediately sank and then proceeded to swim the route. Whenever I mention this people still go omg that was you?!
My hidden talent is: I can make parody songs off the top of my head. Just ask me about the lab version of we are who we are.
My hobbies are: Scuba diving, science-related doodles, pool, hiking, kayaking, geocaching, honestly other things I can’t think of at the moment.
My dream job is: A Veterinarian for Exotic Animals
If I woke up as an animal I would be a: A rough shark because when people read this they’re probably like that sounds like a thug version of a shark but really they’re these cute triangular shaped water puppies with pointy scales. They also live in the deep away from people, and same, sometimes you just need me time.