Justus Doenecke

Emeritus Professor of History - History - Social Sciences

Justus Doenecke
  • Phone: (941) 487-4622
  • Email: doenecke@ncf.edu
  • Office Location: PME 112
  • Mail Location: SSC 102

Selected publications

  • Not to the Swift: The Old Isolationists in the Cold War Era (Lewisburg, Pa.: Bucknell University Press, 1979).
    The Diplomacy of Frustration: The Manchurian Crisis of 1931-1933 as Revealed in the Papers of Stanley K. Hornbeck (Hoover Archival Documentaries; Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution Press, 1981).
  • The Presidencies of James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur (American Presidency Series; Lawrence, Kansas: Regents Press of Kansas, 1981).
  • When the Wicked Rise: American Opinion-Makers and the Manchurian Crisis of 1931-1933 (Lewisburg, Pa.: Bucknell University Press, 1984).
  • Anti-Intervention: A Bibliographical Introduction to Isolationism and Pacifism from World War I to the Early Cold War (New York: Garland, 1987).
  • In Danger Undaunted: The Anti-Interventionist Movement of 1940-1941 as Revealed in the Papers of the America First Committee (Hoover Archival Documentaries; Stanford, Calif.: Hoover Institution Press, 1990).
  • From Isolation to War, 1931-1941 (American History Series; 4th ed., 2015, 3rd ed., 2003; Arlington Heights, Ill.: Harlan Davidson, 2002; 2nd ed., 1991; all with John E. Wilz as co-author).
  • The Battle Against Intervention, 1939-1941 (Anvil Series; Malabar, Fla.: Krieger, 1997).
  • Storm on the Horizon: The Challenge to American Intervention, 1939-1941 (Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield, 2000).
  • The New Deal (Anvil series; Malabar, Fla.: Krieger, 2003)
  • Debating Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Foreign Policies (Lanham, Md. Rowman and Littlefield, 2005; with Mark A. Stoler as co-author)
  • Nothing Less Than War: A New History of American Entry into World War I, 1914-1917 (Lexington, University Press of Kentucky, 2011); alternate selection of History and Military book clubs
  • Articles for professional journals and reference books

Awards (scholarship)

  • Arthur S. Link Prize for Documentary Editing, Society for
  • Historians of American Foreign Relations 1991
  • Eighth Annual Herbert Hoover Book Award, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association 2001 [best book on any topic of American history focusing within the years 1914-1964]

Awards (teaching)

  • University of South Florida Teaching Incentive Award 1995
  • For “high quality and productive teaching at the undergraduate level”
  • University of South Florida Professional Excellence Award 1997