Ilaria Giglioli

Assistant Professor of Geography and International Studies - Gender Studies - Interdisciplinary Programs - International and Area Studies - Social Sciences

Ilaria Giglioli
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  • Office Location: ACE 137
  • Mail Location: SSC 102

PhD, University of California, Berkeley
MA, University of Toronto
BA, University of Oxford

Ilaria Giglioli is a human geographer and a scholar of migration, borders, and racialization, with a regional focus in the Mediterranean region (Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa). More specifically, her research analyzes migration between North Africa and Europe, and the material and discursive production of the Mediterranean sea as the Southern Border of Europe.

Her current book project, entitled Unmaking the Mediterranean border. Mediterraneanism, Colonial Mobilities and Postcolonial Migration, studies colonial and postcolonial migration between Italy and Tunisia, focusing on the creation and contestation of racialized boundaries between Italians and Tunisians, and how this translates into debates about the Mediterranean as a ‘civilizational divide’ between Europe and North Africa. Over the next few years, she plans to expand this research in a comparative perspective to the US/Mexico border and the Caribbean.

She has also conducted research on the politics of water resource development in the Middle East and in Southern Europe.

Academic and Research Interests:
Space, Inequality, Borders, Migration, Postcolonial and Decolonial Theory

Course Offerings:
Geography of Globalization
Global Migration
A World of Walls: Advanced Seminar on Comparative Borders
Postcolonial Geographies



Giglioli, I. (2019). On not being European enough. Migration, crisis and precarious livelihoods on the periphery of Europe. Pre-published online at Social and Cultural Geography.

Giglioli, I., Hawthorne, C. and A. Tiberio (2017). Introduction to the special issue ‘Rethinking Europe through an Ethnography of its Borderlands, Peripheries and Margins’. Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa 10(3): 335 – 338. 

Giglioli, I. (2017). From ‘a frontier land’ to ‘a piece of North Africa in Italy’: the changing politics of ‘Tunisianness’ in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 41(5): 749 – 766. 

Giglioli, I. (2017). Producing Sicily as Europe. Migration, colonialism and the making of the Mediterranean border between Italy and Tunisia. Geopolitics 22(2): 407 – 428. 

Giglioli, I. (2010). La costruzione della dipendenza. Acqua, territorio e cittadinanza in Cisgiordania. Conflitti Globali 7: 66-80. 

Giglioli, I. And E. Swyngedouw (2008). Let’s Drink to the Great Thirst! Water and the Politics of Fractured Techno-natures in Sicily. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 32(2): 292 – 414.

Book Chapters

Giglioli, I. (2012). Rights, Citizenship and Territory: Water Politics in the West Bank. In Sultana, F. And Loftus, A. (eds) The Right to Water: Politics, Governance and Social Struggles. Earthscan. pp. 139 – 158.

Book Reviews

Giglioli, I. (2012). Book review. Cities under siege: the new military urbanism, by Stephen Graham. Berkeley Planning Journal 25(1), 235 – 237.