Bianca Jean Philippe

- Housing/Residential Life

Bianca Jean Philippe

Pronouns: she/her
Class/Year: Fourth-Year (Yikes! Where does the time go?)
AOC: American Studies
My favorite New College Memory is: Every memory I have of a person — who I’ve already known to be sincere, generous, or admirable — stunning me still. Here at New College, I have been stunned by others’ capacity to do good, be good, and inspire good.
My hidden talent is: If you count me finding myself in the weirdest situations — then, yeah, that.
My hobbies are: Hanging out with my dog. Weightlifting, running, reading, writing, listening to music, cooking, driving, walking, rock-climbing, exploring.
My dream job is: To write.
If I woke up as an animal I would be: The Florida Man.