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Palmer C 215

Affiliated Faculty

Andrews, Anthony Emeritus Professor of Anthropology (941) 487-4380
Baram, Uzi Professor of Anthropology & Heritage Studies; Director of New College Public Archaeology Lab (941) 487-4217
BeneŇ°, Carrie Professor of History/CYC Director (941) 487-4383
Brion, Katherine Assistant Professor of Art History (941) 487-4316
Carr, Emily Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing (941) 487-4615
Carrasco, Magdalena Professor of Art History (941) 487-4606
Casto, Kathleen Assistant Professor of Psychology (941) 487-4331
Clark, Maribeth Associate Professor of Music (941) 487-4216
Clarkson, Nick Assistant Professor of Gender Studies (941) 487-4644
Cornel, Tabea Visiting Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities (941) 487-4618
Cottrell, Catherine Associate Professor of Psychology (941) 487-4699
Dean, Erin Associate Professor of Anthropology (941) 487-4269
Edidin, Aron Professor of Philosophy (941) 487-4248
Fairchild, Emily Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies (941) 487-4484
Fennie, Kristopher Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Flakne, April Associate Professor of Philosophy (941) 487-4539
Gilchrist, Sandra Professor of Biology & Marine Science, Division Chair (941) 487-4598
Graham, Steven Associate Professor of Psychology (941) 487-4551
Harvey, David Professor of History and International Studies, Faculty Chair (941) 487-4511
Hernandez, Sarah Associate Professor of Sociology & Caribbean and Latin American Studies (941) 487-4434
Hicks, Barbara Chair, Division of Social Sciences; Professor of Political Science (941) 487-4373
Knadle, Emma Office Manager (941) 487-4645
Labrador-Rodriguez, Sonia Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Literature (941) 487-4286
Leininger, Elizabeth Associate Professor of Biology (941) 487-4518
Li, Fang-yu Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Culture (941) 487-4277
Marks, Susan Professor of Religion and Judaic Studies; Klingenstein Professorship (941) 487-4271
McCarthy, Thomas Professor of History (941) 487-4713
Myhill, Nova Professor of English and Theater and Performance Studies (941) 487-4227
Noble, Christopher Assistant Professor of Philosophy (941) 487-4611
Reid, Amy Professor of French and Gender Studies; Director of Gender Studies Program (941) 487-4215
Reilly, Jack Associate Professor of Political Science (941) 487-4578
Shi, Xia Associate Professor of History and International and Area Studies; Marian Hoppin Chair of Asian Studies (941) 487-4337
Shipman, Steven Professor of Physical Chemistry; Leonard Florsheim Chair (941) 487-4450
Sutherland, Wendy-Lou Associate Professor of German, Black European and Diaspora Studies (941) 487-4697
Van Tuyl, Jocelyn Professor of French Language & Literature (941) 487-4607
Wallace, Miriam Professor of English and Gender Studies, Division Chair (941) 487-4361
Wyman, Alina Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature (941) 487-4281
Young, Jessica Assistant Professor of English (941) 487-4275
Zabriskie, Queen Interim Dean of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/Associate Professor of Sociology/MacArthur Professorship 2019-2022 (941) 487-4145
Zhang, Jing Director, International Studies Program; Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Culture (941) 487-4279