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The Americans with Disability Act is a federal law which, under Title II, requires public entities such as New College of Florida to make its activities, programming and services accessible to people with disabilities. This includes the physical landscape, as well. At New College, the ADA Coordinator is here to facilitate these efforts.

One part of providing access includes the provision of reasonable accommodations. Reasonable Accommodations are for the purpose of structural or procedural modifications that remove barriers which prohibit someone with a disability from enjoying the same rights and privileges as those who are not disabled.

Such modifications may be in, but are not limited to, three forms:

  1. Modification of a particular job or academic assignment that enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform its essential requirements without causing undue hardship to the University.
  2. Modifications that allow individuals with disabilities equal access to all privileges and benefits of institutional programming.
  3. Modification to the employment or academic application process that allow applicants with disabilities equal opportunity to apply for jobs/enrollment.

Here at the College, employees will go to Human Resources for approval on accommodations, while students will go to the Accessibility and Advocacy Learning Center (AALC). For visitors, please feel free to contact the ADA Coordinator, who can work in tandem with these offices as needed.

If someone wishes to appeal an outcome of determination on whether or not an accommodation is granted, please contact the ADA Coordinator. The ADA Coordinator is responsible for making final determinations of appeals.

Individuals with accessibility concerns can also reach out to the ADA Coordinator. These concerns may range from reporting inaccessible areas on campus, to policy and procedural issues. The ADA Coordinator is always happy to meet to answer questions or provide guidance as necessary.

Finally, individuals with complaints of disability-based discrimination may also contact the ADA Coordinator.

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