Academic Advising

From navigating mini-classes to completing your final thesis project, your academic life at the college will largely be shaped through the conversations you have with your sponsor. We call our advisors “sponsors” for a reason: instead of merely assigning classes to you, they work collaboratively with you to craft a program of study.

The information on this page is meant to support students, their sponsors, and anyone else who might have an advising related question. For more detailed information, students should always speak directly with their sponsors and appropriate campus offices.

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Guidelines for Students


• Above all, communicate with your contract sponsor and your faculty.

• Be sure to familiarize yourself with the General Catalog 

• Review the Advising Checklist for first-year, second-year, third-year, and fourth-year students.

• Don’t ambush your sponsor with forms. Advising is a conversation: if you need forms signed, set an appointment with your sponsor or go to their office hours, and be sure to print and complete the form as much as possible before meeting with your sponsor.

• Your contract sponsor is your first and best resource for information regarding your academic program. For financial aid questions, you should speak with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.


LSAT Preparation Guide

Guidelines for Advisors

Advising Handbook

First-year, second-year, third-year, and fourth-year Advising Check-lists

AY 2014-15 LAC Guidelines

Pre-Med Resources

Transfer Student Success Guide

Financial Aid FAQ

Important dates and deadlines 

Explanation of Excess Credit Hour Surcharge

Student Support Services: Counseling and Wellness Center; Center for Career Education; Academic Resource Center (including Language Resource Center, Quantitative Resource Center, Writing Resource Center and Education Technology Services)

First Semester Guide - your first semester at New College

Academic Program Glossary - your guide to New College's many colloquialisms.

Academic Dishonesty Booklet - policies & procedures regarding academic dishonesty and plagiarism, FAQ's and all you need to know about citations and bibliographies. 



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