Who is eligible for services at The Counseling and Wellness Center?

All currently registered New College and University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee students.

What types of medical problems can the CWC treat? What happens if the CWC can’t take care of my problem?
The Center is an outpatient facility to treat general medical concerns. If a medical concern is outside the scope of Center services, the Center staff will help you find a referral to a specialist in the community.

Where is the Counseling and Wellness Center located, and when is it open?
The CWC is located directly across from the Jane Bancroft Library on the West side of Bay Shore Road. The Center is open Monday through Friday 8 Am-5 PM. However, services are not available during winter break and during the summer.

Do I need an appointment? Or can I “walk in”?
We highly recommend that you call and make an appointment (941-487-4254) to ensure you can be seen as soon as possible. We will accept clients who walk in for mental health emergencies if there is an appointment slot available, but this cannot be guaranteed.

What can I do if the CWC is not open and I need to be seen right away?
If you can’t wait until the next available appointment, our website has a list of community providers in the immediate area. If it is an emergency please go to the emergency room, call 911, or contact the campus police.

How much does a visit to Student Health Service cost?
Standard visits to the Counseling and Wellness Center for medical services are free. Some services and procedures that rise above the scope of standard services have a nominal fee associated with them. Please call the Center for specific information regarding fees.

Can I get medication at the CWC?
The Counseling and Wellness Center does not directly dispense medication, but the practitioner will provide students prescriptions if warranted. The CWC tries to keep the most up to date information regarding pharmacy promotions to ensure our students can obtain their medication at a reasonable cost. Walgreens and CVS will deliver to the CWC.

Do I need Insurance?
Counseling Services does not work with insurance and are free of charge and confidential. Counseling Records will not be shared with insurance companies unless the student provides a release of information and requests their information to be shared.

Health Services will bill insurance but students will not pay a co-pay or for the general medical visit. Please contact the CWC if you have any questions regarding billing or costs of service.

USF Sarasota-Manatee offer student health insurance for a reasonable cost. Student insurance can offset costs of care sought in the community as well as prescription costs.

Does the Counseling and Wellness Center provide care for women’s health?
Yes, the CWC provides gynecological care to include pap smears, STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, and birth control.

Do you offer psychiatry in your facility?
We refer all psychiatric medication care to outside community resources.

I am an alumni. Can I be seen at the Counseling and Wellness Center?
As an alumnus, you no longer qualify to receive services through the CWC. However, if you need referral information for a community provider or records for continuation of care, we can assist you given the appropriate release of information.