Below is a list of workouts that you can do with little or no equipment. We’ve also included fitness and sports videos recorded by NCF students and staff. Please check back often as this page will be updated frequently. 

Videos Created by NCF Students and Staff



Try these brief but intense workouts with NCF student Agnes Bartha

Zumba Workout 1
Zumba Workout 2



Improve your tennis skills with Rory Renzy, captain of the NCF Tennis Club

Basic Hand/Eye Coordination


Martial Arts

Quick Jiu-Jitsu Workout- Jacob Brody-Ogborn


Dance workouts, warmups, and routines. Enjoy!

Dance Warmup 1- Barbara Monteiro



Learn the essentials of beach volleyball with Marena Long, co-captain of the NCF Beach Volleyball Club

Master the Basics



Learn all about crew with NCF New Crew Club captain Antonia Ginsberg-Klemmt

Correct Technique on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine



Check out these videos from the NCF Sailing Team and Sailing Club

Sailing Club Compilation Video


Work on new powerlifting routines, even without a gym! Join co-captains Jacob Brody-Ogborn and Daniel Schell for some great workout tips.

Using a Tree Branch as a Weight


General Fitness and Training Videos

Using a Backpack as a Weight: Video #1- Jacob Brody-Ogborn

Using a Backpack as a Weight: Video #2- Jacob Brody-Ogborn

Basic Outdoor Fitness- Jacob Brody-Ogborn

Jiu-Jitsu Warmup- Jacob Brody Ogborn

Push-up Challenge- Colin Jordan

Response #1 to the Push-up Challenge- Jacob Brody-Ogborn

Squat Challenge- Barbara Monteiro

5 Minute Fitness #1- Agnes Bartha


Videos From around the internet



Yoga with Adrienne:


15 Minute Boot Camp/Bodyweight Workouts


30 Minute Boot Camp/Bodyweight Workouts


Burn Boot Camp:

HIIT Boot Camp Workout:


45 Minute Boot Camp/Bodyweight Workouts

Beginner Indoor Boot Camp: