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Psychotherapy Groups (Virtual Only for Fall)

The CWC is offering 3 therapy groups this fall. A “therapy group” requires a group screening appointment with the group facilitator, to determine if participation is appropriate for you. Drop by or call 941-487-4254 to make an appointment. The screening appointment will clarify goals for participation, the expectations of the group, possible benefits, and ways to work through anxiety about group participation. Students can participate in group therapy throughout their time at college, though attending more than one therapy group at one time is not recommended. Groups are open to both currently registered New College and USFSM students, undergraduate and graduate. These groups will have no more than 8 to 10 participants, and facilitators are trained therapists who provide a safe, encouraging, and challenging space in which students can recover and grow. Questions should be directed to the group facilitator.

Interpersonal Process Group: Understanding Self and Others

Wednesday 3:00 – 4:30 pm (Virtual Only)

Build self-awareness and gain insight into patterns of relating to others in a supportive and collaborative therapy group. Helpful for interpersonal uncertainty, self-worth, depression, anxiety, identity development, and other challenges. Contact:


Emotion Regulation

Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30 pm (Virtual Only)

Increase your knowledge and practice of mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and relationship effectiveness! Explore your “wise mind.” Contact:


Post-Traumatic Growth Group

Tuesdays 1:30 – 3:00 pm  (Virtual Only)

Learn how to enhance resilience, identify and use strengths, and explore recovery and growth in the face of trauma. Prior individual therapy may be helpful, but is not required. Contact:

Support Groups (counselor Facilitated)

The CWC is offering 6 counselor-facilitated support groups this semester. Support groups have no limitations on how many people can attend and require no screening appointments. Just drop in as needed, and you may find that you will want to form connections and use the group on a regular basis. These groups are open to undergraduate and graduate students from New College and USFSM. While we meet virtually, please contact the group facilitator for the link, or find it in the weekly email reminders.


Peer-Support-Group Facilitator Training and Support

Fridays 1:30 – 2:30 (Virtual Only)

If you have an idea for a support group and can find 4 additional people who are interested, you can start your own support group. Please contact Dr. Khan ( for an initial meeting where you will be given a guide to facilitation. The leader will then meet with Dr. Khan and other group leaders every other week to learn about facilitating groups.


Neurodiversity Support group

Fridays 1:30 pm (Virtual Only)

For students with autism spectrum experiences: would you have an interest in a counselor-supported group that focuses on creating a space to help neuro-diverse people connect with others? Contact:


Chronic Illness and Disability Support Group

Mondays 3:30pm   (Virtual Only)

For students who experience chronic illness, visible and invisible disability. Share your experiences and build your network of support. Co-facilitated by Jessica Barbalato, LCSW, and Amy Edelson. Contact:


Grief & Loss Support Group

Wednesdays 3:30 pm  (Virtual Only)

This support group offers a place for students who have experienced loss to come together, share their stories, while giving and receiving support around the many issues faced during the grieving process. Contact:


RA Support Group


This support group offers resident assistants a place to talk about maintaining wellbeing in the role, increasing interpersonal and professional effectiveness, and increasing insight and coping with issues facing each RA and the campus as a whole. Contact:


Aftercare Support Group

Every Other Friday 3:30 – 5:00 pm (Virtual Only)

Students who have completed individual therapy within the last year may find that there are questions and types of support they need that they didn’t anticipate. This is a discussion group for students to share their techniques, strategies, and coping with each other, and have a community to celebrate healing and growth. Contact:


Wellbeing Practice Groups

Every Semester the CWC will offer at least one group for participants to practice their wellbeing. These groups are drop-in and all are encouraged to participate in the practice, sometimes in the group, and sometimes not. Use this space to share wellbeing practices, apps, and favorite wellbeing practices.

Build your Social Confidence

Tuesdays at 6pm (In Person, location TBD)

A supportive, skills-based group focused on improving confidence in social situations. Through group activities, members learn and practice new ways to deal with difficult social situations like joining conversations, forming friendships, navigating conflict, public speaking, and asserting oneself. Contact:


Sunset Meditation on the Bay

Fridays 6:00 pm Bayfront

Friday Evenings just before sunset Lenore Canavarros, LCSW., will lead an evidence-based meditation practice to close out your week with reflection and grounding. Weekly emails will confirm time of meeting based on the setting of the sun. When meeting in person, it will be at the bay; if we need to meet virtually, logging in via your phone and finding socially distanced ways to practice is recommended.


Stress Management Tools & Chat

Tuesdays 3:30pm The Nook

Learn how to lower your stress levels and keep them lower. Improve cognitive functioning and memory. Receive support to change your lifestyle to support good mental and physical health. Increase test scores. Change your negative automatic thoughts and improve how you feel! Contact:

CWC- Sponsored Peer-Support- Groups

Would you like to run your own support group? Connect Peers and learn how to facilitate a peer-support-group!

Contact Dr. Khan ( to join our peer-support-group facilitator training group (Mondays at noon) and you will be able to run your own group, supervised by Dr. Khan, and a possible faculty or staff consultant of your choice!

Student Success Peer Support Group

Thesis Support Group

Queer Community Support Group

QPOC Gather (Beginning at the end of September)

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