COVID-19 Protocols for the Fitness Center


The Fitness Center is open weekdays 8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m., but is closed weekdays 130-330pm for disinfection. We are open weekends 1030am-530pm. If you are feeling sick, please do not use the Recreation facilities until you are well.

Social Distancing

• The Fitness Center COVID-19 protocols are structured so that people are at least 10 feet apart in exercise areas (the weight room, the cardio area, and the studios). Other areas in the Fitness Center (lobby, restrooms, etc) require 6 feet of distance between persons.

• Weight Room: The weight room is divided into BLUE and GREEN “boxes” marked out on the floor. There are 2-3 machines inside each box. Only one person is allowed in a box at one time. You may enter a BLUE box if no one is currently in the adjacent GREEN box. You may enter a GREEN box if no one is in the BLUE boxes to the left and right. Max capacity in the weight room is 5 persons.

• Cardio Area: The cardio machines are spaced 5 feet apart. You may use any cardio machine as long as there is at least one empty machine between you and other exercisers. Max capacity in the cardio area is 5 persons.

• Exercise Studios: Studios are available by reservation only. Max capacity in the large studio is 10 people. Max capacity in the smaller studio is 6 people.

• Outside Areas (including basketball and tennis courts: All outdoor recreation areas are governed by the 10 person limit, with 6 feet of social distancing.

Please note: Only current students, faculty, and staff of NCF and their families are permitted to use the recreation facilities at this time. Also, students must show their symptom tracker “green screen” before using the fitness center, and faculty and staff must affirm that they have used their daily symptom tracker as well. Non-NCF family members must have had a negative covid test in the prior 2 weeks.

Face Masks

• Face Masks are required at all times, in all indoor and outdoor recreation and fitness areas.


• Users are to clean exercise equipment before and after they use it.

• Persons checking out sports equipment are to disinfect it upon return.

• Please wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the facility.

• The Fitness Center is disinfected between closing and opening each day.

• The Fitness Center is closed for disinfection each weekday between 130-330pm.


• No reservations are currently necessary to come to work out.


• Max group size at the Waterfront is 2 persons. Users must wear masks and practice social distancing. All equipment is disinfected, and users are asked to disinfect any checked out equipment upon return.