Health & Safety

Health and safety issues on the New College of Florida campus are addressed by the Campus Police Department, the Department of Environmental Health & Safety, the Counseling & Wellness Center, and Student Affairs. The Campus Police complete an Annual Security (Safety Guide/Crime Statistics) and Fire Safety Report that is available online. Notice of the availability of the report and its location, to include a link, is sent via campus email to all students, faculty, and staff by October 1 of each year. A hard copy of the report is also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by either visiting or contacting the Campus Police Department at 501 College Drive, Sarasota FL 34243 (941) 487-4210.

2014-2015 Safety Guide, Crime Statistics and Annual Fire Safety Report

Office of Environmental Health and Safety
New College of Florida Emergency Operations Plan
Fire Safety Information (Student Handook)
Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
Missing Student Notification Policy
Crime and Fire Incident Logs
Timely Warning and Crime/Security Alerts
Suspension of Title IV Aid Eligibility for Drug-Related Offenses
Title IV Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program for Schools Receiving Feeral Funds

Environmental Health & Safety
(941) 487-4585

Campus Police Department
501 College Drive

Phone: (941) 487-4210
Admin Fax: (941) 487-4799
Dispatch Fax: (941) 487-4366