Computer Science Curriculum

Our regular curriculum emphasizes software engineering and data science. The program of study for the area of concentration also encourages self-directed study in addition to the required independent study projects and senior thesis. At the discretion of faculty, students may design tutorials on any academically rigorous subject not covered in the regular curriculum.

Recent tutorials have included software development projects for the college and for local nonprofits, and courses in natural language processing, C++ game development, parallel algorithms, and GIS programming.

The following course requirements can also be found in our General Catalog.

An area of concentration in Computer Science at New College Includes the following necessary computer core course work:

1. Two terms of Introductory Programming in two different languages
2. One term of Object-oriented Design
3. One term of Software Engineering
4. One term of Algorithms
5. One term of Databases
6. One term of Data Mining
7. One term of Networks

In addition to the necessary computing core coursework, students must also complete coursework in mathematics and statistics:
1. One term of Discrete Mathematics
2. One term of Statistics

In addition to the core courses, students must take at least four technical electives from the following list:
— Theory of Computation
— Security
— Advanced Algorithms
— Advanced Data Analysis and Machine Learning
— Distributed Programming
— Image Processing
— Optimization
— Game Programming
— Parallel Programming
— Information Theory and Coding
— Embedded Programming
— Graphics

The following courses, while not required, are highly recommended:
— Probability
— Linear Algebra

Students must complete an internship that includes programming. Students must write a thesis on an approved topic in Computer Science.

[Did you know?]

Of all science graduates since 1967 at New College, roughly one-third have earned an M.D. or Ph.D.

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