Senior Thesis Projects in Classics

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Classics:

Mentula Magna Minax: A Study of Genre in Catullus' Abusive Poetry” by Zachary Low

Complex Context in the Iliad: Epithets, Gnomai, and Paradeigmata” by Jenica Leahy

The Hardest Work of All: Aristophanes' Words on his Art of Comedy” by Ross F. Berlin

Athenian Leadership in Thucydides:"History of the Peloponnesian War"” by William Buckingham

Turpis Tristis Mundus: Greed, Lust, and Sacrilege in Apuleius' Metamorphoses” by John McCall Branson

The Antigone Experience” by Shauna Hoar

For the Love of the Gods: The Rhetoric and Reality of Religious Authority in Late Antiquity” by Christopher Koel Blexrud

The Homeric Hymn to Hermes and Archaic Iambography” by Justin Boner

Grand Perversions: Sex and Genre in Ovid's Metamorphoses” by Melissa Grady

Balance in Herodotus' Histories” by Ana McGrath

The Tenth Muse: Sappho's Poetry and Influence” by Kali Rainwater

Aeneas and Guan Yu: A Study of Heroism in Two Parts” by Lissa Silver

Jordanes' Getica: Groundwork for a New Translation” by Danielle Reid

Carmina Inferni: The Underworlds of Dante, Homer, and Vergil” by Matthew Newton

There was Neither Victory nor Defeat: Atypical Amoebaean Contests in Ancient Pastoral Poetry” by Brendan Rabon

The Frogs of Aristophanes: An Introduction and Translation” by Derek Segebarth

An Analysis of the Classical Symosium in Three Texts” by Laura Wolfgang

Deconstructing Gothic Identity” by Amy Paterson

Wisdom Ethics: The Relationship Between Knowledge and Virtue in Selected Platonic Dialogues” by Naomi Esther Campa

Sappho and Catullus: Stepping Out of Gender Roles” by Angela Tseng

Visions of Vice: The Emporer Nero in Three Ancient Historians” by Vanesa Botero-Lowry

The Gallae: Transgender Priests of Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Near East” by K. A. Lucker

Heroines and Saints: A Comparative Study of Female Ideals in Antiquity” by Megan Cleaver

Animal Husbandry: Desire and Domesticity in Apuleius' Metamorphoses” by Alexander Hague

Praecia's The Tricks of the Trade” by Morgan E. Smith

A Photographic Interpretation of Myth from the Metamorphoses of Ovid” by Dana Arak

And the Fluent Man Carried Off the Brave Man's Arms the Character of Odysseus throughout Classical Literature” by Lindsay Alane Morse

Miles Gloriosus: A Translation with Commentary” by Tara North

The Propriety of Love: An Exploration of Platonic Love Based on the Dialogue Lysis” by Erin Slemmens

Martyrs and Murderers: Women of Euripides” by Jesse Weiner

Catullus and Clodia: The Lesbia Poems” by Muriel Avellaneda

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Professor Carl Shaw received two prestigious awards, a Loeb Fellowship and a NEH Summer Stipend, for his forthcoming book, Ancient Satyr Drama: The Texts, Translations, Documents, and Visual Remains.

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