Certificate in leadership

Gain the skills needed to lead in any career!

Certificate in Leadership: Liberal Arts Work in the Real World

This world needs leadership that goes beyond the traditional sense.  As a New College student, we know you are passionate about social change, advocacy, and making a meaningful difference with your future.

A Certificate in Leadership complements your academic knowledge. Through this non-credit program, taught by industry experts, you will gain the skills and insights needed to make a meaningful impact in the world no matter your AOC or career aspirations.

Communicate your leadership skills by including this certificate on your resume!

Certificate Requirements:

  • Complete the Participant Registration Form
  • Attend four 90-minute workshop courses
  • One practical experience through either an internship, research experience, or the Leadership Capstone project (waived for Spring 2021)

Spring 2021 Leadership Certificate Workshop Course Schedule**
**All workshop courses will be offered via Zoom from 5:30pm-7:00pm – Zoom Links Available in Handshake
Wed., February 10 – Collaboration through Teamwork (Facilitator: Art Lambert, Co-Founder S-One Holdings Corp)
Wed., February 24 – Creativity Works Everywhere (Facilitator: David Bonner, Chief Creative Officer, On Ideas)
Wed., March 10 – Matching Your Talent with the “Business” Setting (Facilitator: Juliette Reynolds, Liberal Arts Grad/VP Digital Strategy, On Ideas)
Wed., March 31 – Leadership Exists at Any Level (Facilitator: Dr. Jeff Lundy, New College Alumnus/Director of Public Policy, PepsiCo)
Wed., April 7 – Effecting Change in the Workplace (Facilitator: Felice Schulaner, New College Alumnus/Coach/Retired Human Resources Exec)


Working in teams enables employees to be quicker and more effective in their work, as compared to people who work on projects on their own. Collaborating also makes employees more responsible, which goes a long way in raising their motivation levels, especially when teams work virtually. In this workshop course, gain clarity on the elements of collaboration in the workplace – the benefits and the hurdles.

How can you promote positive change in the workplace? In this workshop course, gain clarity on the tools for affecting change no matter where your role in the organization.

Creativity is something you practice, not just a talent you’re born with. Getting out of your comfort zone and into the world. Venturing into the messy unknown. You can’t be creative if you are constantly censoring yourself. In this workshop course, gain clarity on the elements of the creative process and that creativity is not reserved for artists and/or creative organizations.

In this workshop course, explore your leadership origin and how to apply it at any level and within any organization.

First impressions and personal branding matter. How do represent yourself? Outward appearance and social media activities? How do you know what types of behaviors are expected at work? In this workshop course, discover how to apply your skills, talents, and passions within real-world business settings.