Certificate in leadership

Gain the skills needed to lead in any career!

Certificate in Leadership: Liberal Arts Work in the Real World

This world needs leadership that goes beyond the traditional sense.  As a New College student, we know you are passionate about social change, advocacy, and making a meaningful difference with your future.

A Certificate in Leadership complements your academic knowledge. Through this non-credit program, taught by industry experts, you will gain the skills and insights needed to make a meaningful impact in the world no matter your AOC or career aspirations.

Communicate your leadership skills by including this certificate on your resume!

Certificate Requirements:

  • Complete the Participant Registration Form
  • Attend four 90-minute workshop courses
  • After attending the workshop courses, complete one applied experience through either an internship, research experience, or significant leadership role and submit a two-page maximum reflection that demonstrates how you applied what you learned from the workshop courses in that applied experience.

Fall 2021 Leadership Certificate Workshop Course Schedule**
**All workshop courses will be offered in the CEO Lounge (Library 154) from 5:30pm-7:00pm
Tues., September 28- Leading in a Tech Environment (Facilitators: Erin Cigich, CEO, Perform[cb] & Stefanie Betz, Director of People, Dealers United )
Tues., October 19 – Leading with Creativity Part I: Accessing Your Creativity (Facilitator: David Bonner, Chief Creative Officer, On Ideas)
Tues., October 26 – Leading with Creativity Part II: Using Story to Succeed (Facilitator: David Bonner, Chief Creative Officer, On Ideas)
Tues., November 2 – Leadership Values and Origins (Facilitator: Andrew Molosky, President and CEO, Chapters Health System)
Tues., November 9 – Leading for Change: Communicating with Diverse Audiences (Facilitator: Patricia Courtois, NCF Professional-In-Residence)


Fast-paced. Ever-changing. Big ideas. Uncertainty. Collaboration. Leading in the tech industry is full of challenges. Hear from our industry experts about how to prepare for and overcome these challenges so that you can become a tech industry game-changer.

Gain clarity on the elements of the creative process and that creativity is not reserved for artists and or creative companies. Through guided exercises and pragmatic tools, participants will learn to unlock their creative ability and apply it to their leadership.

Through discussion, group exercises, and case studies, strengthen how you communicate and collaborate with those with different views.

Where does your definition of leadership come from? Gain clarity on your leadership origin and how your personal values drive your ability to lead.