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Career strategies Seminar

A course for New Grads — Completely Free and Online

Summer 2021: June 2 – June 30
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What is the Career strategies Seminar?

The Career Strategies Seminar (CSS) is a FREE four-week course for new grads to jump-start their search and career planning after graduation. A CEO career coach will guide students through all the steps to ensure a successful transition post-graduation – tailored to their goals and profession or field. The CSS is included as part of the New College academic experience!

CSS is a not-for-credit, pass/fail, self-directed, and action-oriented seminar course. The course allows students the opportunity to become equipped with lifelong skills associated with making informed career decisions and developing career management skills and resources.

Designed Just for You

Completely online – participate from anywhere
Self-directed (work through the course at your own pace)
Tailored experience and individualized support from a CEO career coach

Who This course is for

Career Strategies Seminar is for New College graduates
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What to expect

  1. Set Short-Term Career Goals – Identify short-term job targets based on your long-term career goals. These short-term targets will form the basis for your work in the course through structured assignments.
  2. Develop a Professional Job-Search Portfolio –Learn how to craft an effective resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and other documents or online profiles relevant to your chosen fields and short-term job targets.
  3. Implement Job Search and Networking Strategies – Become aware of and apply various job search methods into an effective search strategy as well as steps in the job application process. Develop and employ specific techniques for expanding your professional network.
  4. Set Follow-Through Goals – Create a plan to follow through on your job search after the course and identify the search strategies most relevant to your field and goals to ensure successful steps for life after New College.
  5. Individualized Support – Talk one-on-one with a CEO career coach who will support your transition from New College.

Career Strategies Seminar

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