Over the span of twenty years, the Student Research and Travel Grant Program has provided grant funding to New College of Florida students in support of research and travel associated with their thesis work, tutorials and independent study projects. It is funded through the New College Alumnae/i Association and the New College Foundation.

Support the Student Research and Travel Grant Program.

Proposals are invited from current students in good academic standing two separate times each academic year. The Fall submission deadline is no later than 5:00 pm the Monday immediately following Fall Break (the beginning of Mod 2) and the Spring deadline is no later than 5:00 pm the Monday immediately following Spring Break (also known as the beginning of Mod 2). Completed submissions are reviewed by a committee of alumnae/i and faculty members.

Student applicants must request from a New College of Florida faculty advisor a letter of support submitted on the student’s behalf. Without this letter of support, the submission is not considered complete. If there is intent for a group project involving students, one student may apply for a grant to support academic activities and all students involved in the project must be named as members of the project work group.

Please note: Currently, there is no set maximum or minimum award dollar amount, previous awarded projects have rarely received 100 percent funding given the high demand of these grants and the volume of requests made each semester.

For an application information, contact the Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity at

Should a student apply for a second opportunity to receive this funding, the student must have already submitted the necessary thank-you letter(s) to the Student Research and Travel Grant Committee to qualify for this funding opportunity. To remain eligible for funding from this source, students must submit a one-page summary of the funded experience plus all receipts regarding the travel and/or research expenses within 14 days business of the completion of the research or travel, or funding for a second project will be denied. All receipts must be submitted in one packet, cleanly taped to white 8.5×11 sheets of paper to the CEO within 14 business days the completion of the research or travel. Students must submit the final report summarizing and/or detailing the experience and outcomes