Students Scholarships, Fellowships & Student Research & Travel Grants

Student Success and a Pathway to Employability Post-Graduation Can Also Include a Fellowship, Scholarship or Research and Travel Grant Experience.

Each year, New College of Florida students are awarded some of the most prestigious national and international fellowships for graduate study, language study, teaching and research abroad, and other pursuits. Preparing for these opportunities requires work well in advance of submission deadlines. It takes time to find fellowships that best match your interests, experience, and academic and extracurricular life, and prepare the strongest application materials you can.

It also takes time to develop your qualifications to the fullest by the time you apply for national and international awards. NCF’s internal fellowships (along with internships and other opportunities) support research and other experiences that make you a stronger candidate for external awards, and applying for them also helps you learn how to write strong proposals. At NCF we believe that the student fellowship process important as a pathway for employability post-graduation.

Visit the pages recommended on the CEO’s website to learn general information and guidance to help you start thinking about fellowships. When you have ideas or questions, contact Nicole Gelfert at or (941) 487-4421 to schedule an appointment. This area which includes Student Fellowships, Scholarships, along with Student Research and Travel Grants.

What is a fellowship?

There are different types of fellowships, so this can be a hard question to answer! New College of Florida-funded fellowships offer funding to pursue independent research or a creative project, engage in experiential learning through an activity or internship, or explore something in-depth beyond the classroom.

Why should I consider applying for a fellowship?

  • The application process might get you funding to complete a project! No matter what, it’s also a chance to build helpful and important skills such as: articulating a goal and identifying the steps to achieve the goal, writing concisely and persuasively for an audience, planning a budget, working with mentors, managing a project, successfully navigating a career management portal using integrated technology applications and working with others to create a polished and effective application.
  • Working independently on research or another project might contribute to your thesis, other academic or career goals, but it is also a way to prepare for life and your career planning and job search success post-graduation. Planning and completing your own project is something you are likely to be asked to do frequently during your career!
  • Being selected for a fellowship is a mark of distinction for your resume/CV and your New College of Florida record!