Graduate School Guide

Start early to explore your options for graduate studies.

Explore Your Options

Consider your areas of interest and take some time to research multiple graduate program options to determine which ones you would like to apply to. Some factors to keep in mind are:

  • Will this program help you reach your ultimate career goal?
  • Where is the program located? (Consider cost of living, weather, out-of-state tuition).
  • What are the admissions requirements?
  • What is the program concentration?
  • What is the application fee?
  • What type of funding is offered?
  • What is the acceptance rate?

Research Help

Please see the Library Research Guide Career Resources: Graduate Programs for more information. Helene Gold or any other librarian can assist you with accessing these.

GRE Preparation

Make plans to join the GRE Prep Meetups offered by the Office of Student Success. You can find them on NovoConnect.

Make an Appointment

Students, visit with Assistant Director Lisandra Jimenez as early as possible to explore and plan your graduate school options. You can access her calendar any time through Handshake.

Be sure to follow the CEO on social media @CareerCenterNCF.