Lead. Serve. Lend your voice.

Everyone gets a vote and a voice — democracy in action, the New College way.

Lead. Serve. Lend your voice.

Through the New College Student Alliance (NCSA), students have considerable input into student life, academic affairs and College policy. Students are truly empowered through a very active form of direct democracy. And we take government transparency seriously — our office in Hamilton “Ham” Center has windows for walls.

Every New College student is automatically a senator in the NCSA and can participate in monthly Towne Meetings held in Palm Court, the NCSA-declared “Center of the Universe.” Any student may call a Towne Meeting to discuss issues of importance to the campus community.

The NCSA, which operates under its own constitution, serves to:

  • Foster a shared sense of community.
  • Preserve New College’s identity and vitality as a unique alternative in American higher education.
  • Represent students’ interests in the administrative affairs of the College.
  • Ensure an environment free from discrimination.

Elected student representatives sit as voting members on the New College faculty and its constituent divisions (Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences). They also serve on standing committees of the faculty and administration, helping to frame academic and college policies in such areas as admissions, curriculum and library services.

The NCSA also manages the student activities fee and helps bring guest speakers and touring groups to campus. The NCSA funds student events, research, a student-appointed professor, green initiatives and much more.

Everyone gets a vote and a voice — democracy in action, the New College way.

Key Contacts

• 2018 – 2019 Co-presidents: Steven Keshishian and Selena Goods

2018-2019 Cabinet:
Chief of Staff: Eleni Spanolios
Vice President For Student Life: Patricia Guthman
Vice President for Academic Affairs: Yvenord Mergilles
Vice President for Relations and Financial Affairs: Eva Ernst
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Cabrini Austin

• Requests for Information should be sent to Executive Secretary Elan Works