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Anarchy Deathsticks

Anarchy Deathsticks is a club where people can get together to knit and/or crochet, or even possibly learn to do either.
Contact: Aiden Juge
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Animal Interest Club

To promote and provide opportunities for volunteering/internships to students in areas of shelter animals, animals of the homeless/displaced/disabled, feral cats, service dogs and wildlife conservation.
Contact: Michelle Voight
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Asian American and Pacific Islander Alliance

The NCF Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Alliance aims to highlight the diversity of various ethnic groups within the Asian/Pacific Islander community at New College.
Contact: Nina Protomastro
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Audio Drama Production

The mission of this club is to produce and learn how to write, format, voice-act for, record, and edit radio dramas, audio books and podcasts.
Contact: Laila Kalantari
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Black Student Union

Our plan is to affect change by creating spaces and hosting events that encourage community members to critically engage with issues of race and identity in their personal lives and in relation to the larger social world.
Contact: Angelica Altman
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Bull Sharks Dive Club

The Bull Sharks dive club strives to offer scuba diving opportunities and education to all New College students, faculty and alumni.
Contact: Alyssa Borgschulte
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Catholic Club

The mission of the organization shall be to help members to grow in the knowledge of the Catholic faith and be able to share in fellowship with like-minded individuals.
Contact: Mellie McCabe
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Cinnamon Club

We will watch various critically acclaimed and cult classic films as well as engage in open-table discussions afterwards. Snacks will be provided or you can bring your own! At the end of each meeting, we will hold a poll for the next week’s feature film.
Contact: Susan Hajmohammad
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Comedy Friends!

The Comedy Friends are the comedy improv group on campus who strive to create a safe and welcoming space for those who love to laugh and make others laugh in return.
Contact: Alba Abrams
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Council of Green Affairs

The Council of Green Affairs is a branch of the New College Student Alliance (NCSA, New College student government) dedicated to making our campus more environmentally sustainable.
Contact: Lili Benitez
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Democracy Matters

Our mission is to strengthen democracy by: Training young people how to be effective grassroots organizers and advocates, supporting public financing of election campaigns to promote “fair” elections and other pro-democracy reforms.
Contact: Rory Renzy
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New College Hillel seeks to facilitate and invigorate Jewish life on campus with weekly events, carpools to services at local synagogues, Birthright trips and many other exciting opportunities.
Contact: Sarah Pincus
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NCF InterACT is a group seeking to educate the student body on what Bystander Intervention is, its importance both on and off campus, and how everyone can work to be a better bystander.
Contact: Lolly Mason
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Magic The Gathering at NCF

Providing a way for people to play Magic on a consistent basis with a good group of people who also enjoy the game.
Contact: Joe Berger
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Million Hoodies For Justice

Million Hoodies is a racial justice membership organization building next-generation leaders through grassroot organizing, advocacy and education.
Contact: Marcela Prado Zapata
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New Cats Jazz Band

The New Cats started out as an independent school project, and us youngsters have chosen to keep the Jazz tradition alive and kickin’ with new lineups each year.
Contact: Jared Plasencia
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New College Biophysical Osteology 'N Evolution Recreation Society

The New College Biophysical Osteology ‘N Evolution Recreation Society exists to perpetuate the exploration of all domains of life.
Contact: April Myers
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New College Carnivorous Plant Society

We hope to create a community of people growing carnivorous plants of all types. The hope is that these growers, with the help of the NCCPS, will trade plants and thus create a thriving and continual community of carnivorous plant growers at NCF.
Contact: Cassie Detrio-Darby
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New College Democrats

The New College Democrats work together with our community in the Sarasota-Manatee area and beyond to stand up, make waves, and enact change that benefits the lives of everyone.
Contact: Ellie Young
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New College Of Florida Quiz Bowl Team

The purpose of this club is to promote curiosity and enjoyment of learning by encouraging interest in trivia and facilitating student participation in trivia competitions such as NAQT and ACF.
Contact: Carlos Gonzalez
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New College of Florida Toastmasters Club

The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a supportive and encouraging learning environment where each member has the ability to develop their skills as a public speaker and leader, which will foster self confidence and personal growth.
Contact: Jasmarie Prophet
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New Life - InterVarsity at New College

[NEW] Life is comprised of students from Christian backgrounds. However, anyone is welcome to come and be with us!
Contact: Alex Bottorff
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New Radio New College

To create, promote and distribute the most compelling, vibrant programming which aligns with the New College values of social justice, innovation and free expression.
Contact: Jacqueline Lebouitz
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New Travels

The mission of the organization shall be to inspire people to travel, create opportunities to travel and foster learning about traveling.
Contact: Lauren Stockton
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Pre-Med Club

Providing a community and support group for New College pre-med/pre-health students. This club is focused on providing different experiences revolved around but not limited to medical volunteering, mentorship, and translational research.
Contact: Daphne Toglia
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Psychology Club

We encourage members to explore alternative schools of thought in Psychology & bring diverse perspectives to discussions. Meetings include guest presentations & discussing research. Additional events include movie/trivia nights & group study sessions.
Contact: Kenzie Timms
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STEM Journal Club

STEM Journal Club is focused on learning, sharing and spreading credible, peer-reviewed, scientific knowledge with the goal of increasing scientific literacy amongst ourselves and our community in a fun and engaging way.
Contact: Gina Vazquez
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STEMfemme is a club that aims to provide a supportive and collaborative group for students intending to pursue a career the field of either science, technology, engineering or the maths while maintaining a femme emphasis.
Contact: Haley Bryan
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Student Coalition for Combating Homelessness & Poverty

The Student Coalition for Combating Homelessness & Poverty’s mission is to mitigate the presence of homelessness and poverty both on and off of the New College of Florida campus.
Contact: Carter Delegal
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Students Targeting Oppressive Powers

STOP, through education and advocacy, is working toward social and economic justice on our campus and in our greater community.
Contact: Emily Anne King
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Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities but are also acutely aware of the damage that the war on drugs has on our society.
Contact: Hannah Hoogerwoerd
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Swim Club

The mission of the New College of Florida Swim Club is to promote exercise, health and foster camaraderie through weekly swim practices. We intend to do this by providing a safe, enjoyable and well-organized program available to all New College students.
Contact: Sara Friend
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Swing Dance Club

We like social dancing! Swing Dance Club aims to promote various dances, especially Lindy Hop, and provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to have fun and learn dance things. Meetings Friday at 6 in the Old Mailroom.
Contact: Tyler Parke
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Tabletop Club

Every week we organize tabletop game sessions, with games like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, 7 Wonders, Munchkin, and Betrayal. We’re always welcoming new players!
Contact: Austin Gray
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Tennis Club

Tennis Club is a club designed to give exercise and effective tennis lessons to players of all levels, to create a inclusive community based around tennis, and to create a competitive college tennis team.
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The CKI Club of New College of Florida

Our club is a service club which performs a range of activities which help the community and the state. We have three tenets: service, fellowship and leadership.
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The Film Club

The goal of the Film Club is to expand our repertoire of films, discuss the filmmaking and creative process behind such films.
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Trans Party

To provide a safe space for trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, gender nonconforming, gender variant and questioning individuals. We provide a support group/system for individuals at New College of Florida.
Contact: Roxie Kennedy
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Windmill Theatre Company

Windmill Theatre Company offers an accessible foothold into the New College theatre community by organizing theatre-related events guided by a student-run board. Windmill allows for creative freedom by also supporting shows that students want to produce.
Contact: Grant Brewer
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