A student’s right are governed by three constitutional rules

  1. They are notified about the policies, procedures, rules or regulations of the institution.
  2. The student is informed they will be accused of a violation of university policy.
  3. The student will have the opportunity to respond to the accusation brought against the student.

By law we may make allowances for more Due Process, but we are prohibited by law to grant less Due Process than the U.S. Constitution and judicial precedent has established.

Due Process:

  • Written Notice
  • View Evidence
  • Impartial hearing body (fair and reasonable defense)
  • Advocate
  • Innocent unless found “more than likely than not” in violation of policy
  • The accused student will receive the hearing decision in writing within 3-7 business days of the judicial hearing.
  • The accused student may plead not responsible and appeal any judicial decision.

The accused student may have, at the student’s own expense and initiative, an adviser, advocate or legal representative present at the disciplinary proceeding. It is the accused student’s responsibility to make appropriate arrangements for the adviser, advocate or legal representative to attend the disciplinary proceeding which shall not be delayed due to scheduling conflicts of the chosen adviser. The adviser, advocate or legal representative may be present to advise the accused student and may participate in all aspects of the proceeding but shall not testify for the student. The advisor, advocate, or legal representative cannot serve in any other role, including as a witness, an investigator, decider of fact, hearing officer, member of a committee or panel convened to hear or decide the charge or any appeal.

Medical Amnesty

New College of Florida seeks to ensure that students at medical risk as a result of alcohol or substance use will receive prompt and appropriate medical attention. For this reason, no student seeking medical attention for him/herself or for another will receive punitive sanctions in regards to a violation of this Regulation.